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Natural citrine pendant in a cage, ideal for hanging on your pet's collar against depression




A handcrafted citrine pendant with its natural stone from Brazil in a small custom-made golden wire cage depending on the stone.

Citrine, this lovely yellow stone is believed to promote happiness and vitality , making it a popular choice for pets who need an energy boost or are suffering from depression.

For all lovers of lithotherapy and minerals, be careful not to confuse heated amethyst (the citrine often found in stores) and natural citrine.

Size of natural stones about 2cm, each stone is unique and may have color differences . The stones are placed in a silver or gold steel cage. It's up to you to choose, size and color according to your dog or cat.

Again, it's important to do your own research before introducing any new therapies or treatments for your pet. It is also important to ensure that your pet cannot accidentally ingest or choke on small stones or crystals. …

This is why all the small stones that we offer are in a cage. You will also find on the shop other pendants in natural stones for your animals such as rock crystal and green aventurine in a cage and point pendants tiger eye, rock crystal, blue sand, bronzite and ruby ​​on zoisite.

Remember to specify the size of your pet and if you want a ring. Several sizes of ring and carabiner, choose the one that suits the size of your animal.

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