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Labradorite heart pendant in exceptional quality silver




Beautiful labradorite heart pendant in extra green dominant quality.
Sold without chain, chain optional.

Discovered by Foster in 1770 in Labrador (Province of Canada)
Native Indians called it "the stone of fire" in reference to its captivating play of colors and used Labradorite powder as a magic potion to purify their food.

Silver chains optional - 45cm snake chain 20 euros
Long stainless steel chains of 70cm - 10 euros

Natural labradorite stones come from Madagascar, cut in the rock, polished by hand.
silver bail
Dimension of the heart H. 3.5 cm approximately 4.1 cm wide x 12 mm thick
Exceptional quality labradorite

In lithotherapy : Labradorite is a powerful protective stone acting as a shield. Reflecting celestial colors, the gem protects you from the bad influences of others.
Labradorite also acts as a sponge as it absorbs all the negative energies and sorrows of others. It is recommended to wear it as a jewel in order to illuminate your entourage who will be naturally attracted by your charm and the positive energy that emanates from you.

Protected professionals
It is particularly recommended for people working in contact with illness, poverty, delinquency, for those who seek to help their neighbor in a social job. Thus, members of the medical professions, therapists, social workers, lawyers, teachers, beauticians and many others are protected from the overflowing negative energies of the various interlocutors who also encounter serious problems. Labradorite forms a strong bulwark against negative energies and emotional outpourings.

Silver chains optional - 45cm snake chain 20 euros
Long stainless steel chains of 70cm - 10 euros
These pendants are 100% natural stone.
Sends in his brocade purse

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