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Snow obsidian pendant, silver plated Nevada obsidian



This Nevada obsidian pendant, also called snowy obsidian tear or snowy obsidian is plated in silver.

Approximate size of the stone cut and polished on both sides: 3 x 2 cm

In lithotherapy : Obsidian stone is a stone that must be used with care due to its fairly powerful properties. Obsidian is a stone of protection of a very important force and which acts very quickly. Ideal for fragile people, it helps protect them against negative energies. For example, wearing an obsidian pendant can allow the wearer to acquire a protective shield. Therapists position the obsidian stone between their hands as well as at the level of the root chakra. It allows them to protect the mind from all instabilities. It also helps to fight against the surrounding negative energies. If you place an obsidian near your bed, it would also have the virtues of removing all mental tensions. Obsidian enhances truth. A strong protective stone.

This natural stone pendant will be sent to you with a black cord.

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