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black moonstone pendant



A 3 cm natural black moonstone pendant mounted on a silver steel bail with its 45 cm black leather cord.

The natural black moon stone comes from Madagascar.

In lithotherapy : Black moonstone is linked to feminine energy and that of the Moon. It balances the female reproductive cycle, but also the male one. It develops intuition. Black Moonstone encourages pushing forward and not giving up until you reach your goal. It strengthens concentration and creativity. Black Moonstone opens the energy field to the highest vibrations.

The black moonstone is very spiritual, it will allow you to better perceive the various sensations but also to strengthen your intuition. It will be of great use for meditation but will also prove to be very beneficial for creativity and self-expression. Recently discovered, there are still many uncertainties about black moonstone, but there is no doubt that it is particularly beneficial. Also note that the black variety which is rarer and more unusual will have a slightly higher price than the white moonstone.

Contractual photos, the colors differ depending on whether the photo is taken in the shade or in the sun.

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