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Sunstone pendant, microcline




This sunstone pendant is a beautiful natural stone from Madagascar, which is also called microcline.

Salmon to orange in color, it has small metallic shimmers evoking the reflections of the sun.

In lithotherapy:

  • Sunstone is a source of light, life and warmth.
  • The Stone of Carnal Desire
  • The lucky stone : it is reputed to bring luck to the person who holds it. Promotes personal ambitions, hunts complexes.
  • The protective stone : helps to find a peaceful sleep, purifies nightmares.
  • The stone of empathy : its energy benefits provoke a desire to reach out to others, to meet people, to create social ties.

Sunstone borrows the virtues of hematite, carnelian, amber and citrine, which is in fact a very complete stone.
It is a stone of joy and cheerfulness.
She hunts complexes, shyness and uncertainties. It is an excellent "anti-depressant".

Each stone is unique.

To learn more about sunstone , we invite you to read the article on the blog. Beware of imitations!

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