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Bi-terminated point pendant in stones, bronzite, blue sand stone, zoïst ruby



This bi-terminated point pendant in natural stones will have a realignment effect thanks to these two vertical points.

  • Bronzite is a natural stone that helps with inner peace, well-being, happiness, serenity for emotional people. This semi-precious stone gently releases physical and emotional blockages. Bronzite gives courage for set goals but also strength and energy to take on a difficult effort. It also promotes the momentum of sociability and helps reconciliation between friends. For our dog friends, it is an excellent stone for shy animals.
  • A superb deep blue stone with brilliant shards like cosmic dust, which is sometimes called star stone or night stone, blue sand stone reduces depression, emotional conflicts, inflammatory pain. It promotes creativity and improves expression, so it is highly recommended for artists, writers... in order to deploy their talent. It is beneficial for sleep and for children who are afraid of the dark or who dread bedtime. For animals, it is an anti-stress stone, for those afraid of abandonment.
  • The ruby ​​zoisite or zoïst was considered in East Africa as a magic stone with divine virtues. Due to its green color most often spotted with black and brick pink, this natural stone is unique in its kind. It is most often called anyolite. Due to its brick pink color which symbolizes strength, authority, courage and motivation, as well as its green color symbolizing positive energy, balance and sharing, it is a gemstone of great price with regard to lithotherapy. Energizing and protective due to its inclusions of brick pink, the zoist ruby ​​stone can energize people and animals lacking in energy.

  • Dimensions of the tip pendant: approximately 3.5 cm x 0.8 cm sent with a basic black cord. Each stone is unique and may have color differences.

Personalization :

  • Optional steel chains 45cm, 50cm or 55cm at 12.00 euros
  • in 925 silver of 45cm or 50cm at 19.00 euros
  • black leather cord 10.00 euros

Several sizes of ring and carabiner, choose the one that suits the size of your animal.

Again, it's important to do your own research before introducing any new therapies or treatments for your pet. It is also important to ensure that your pet cannot accidentally ingest or choke on small stones or crystals. …

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