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Pendant for animals, dog, cat, amethyst, rose quartz, sodalite, red jasper




Pendant for animals in natural stone, to hang on the medal of your animal. Natural stones can have an effect on our dogs, our cats in the same way as for us. Each one is adapted to a behavior that your pet can have.

  • Amethyst is a soothing stone for hyperactive animals. It rebalances the nervous system and promotes concentration. It can relieve physical pain, particularly in the joints, and helps older animals. This stone reduces panic attacks and stress and soothes in case of separation. This purple stone is said to promote calm, relieve stress and anxiety , making it a popular choice for pets with nervous dispositions.
    • Rose quartz promotes love and emotional healing , making it a popular choice for pets who have experienced trauma or loss. It's a great stone to improve relations with your pet. If you have adopted your pet, this is the stone to use first. Rose Quartz promotes harmony and brings security, tenderness and comfort to the wearer.
    • Sodalite is a soothing stone . If your pet has a tendency to panic attacks, it will be ideal to reassure your companion. It is associated with the throat chakra and will therefore act on the areas associated with it such as the lungs, mouth, ears, vocal cords and listening. Sodalite acts as an emotional stabilizer and alleviates hypersensitivity. Thus it is a stone that is used to counterbalance the aggressiveness and aggressive behavior of your animal.
    • Red Jasper promotes stability and grounding , making it a popular choice for pets that are easily agitated or suffer from hyperactivity. It is also a stone for vitality and dynamism. Jasper promotes the bond with humans, it is well suited to animals that often change owners. It improves stress.

    Size of natural stones about 2cm, each stone is unique and may have color differences . The stones are placed in a silver or gold steel cage. It's up to you to choose, size and color according to your dog or cat.

    Several sizes of ring and carabiner, choose the one that suits the size of your animal.

    It is important to do your own research when introducing a new treatment to your pet and to ensure that your pet cannot accidentally ingest or choke on small stones or crystals. …

    This is why all the stones that we offer are caged.

    You will also find on the shop other pendants in natural stones for your animals such as rock crystal, citrine and green aventurine in a cage and point pendants tiger eye, rock crystal, blue sand, bronzite and ruby on zoisite.

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