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Natural turquoise pendant from Madagascar, dickite




This turquoise pendant is made with a natural turquoise stone from Madagascar, which is called "Dickite". It is also found under the name of blue opal.

Turquoise is a very soft stone, blue in color, non-transparent (semi-opaque).

In lithotherapy , Turquoise is a stone of life and good fortune.

Turquoise is ideal for offsetting tendencies that are a little too materialistic, too down to earth. It brings softness and tolerance to people known to be harsh and severe.
It is a stone of communication that helps expression and promotes listening to others.
Turquoise refines the aesthetic sense (good taste), attracts happiness and stimulates the will.
Turquoise absorbs bad energies like bad thoughts

  • Brings strength, luck and courage
  • Acts against shyness and excessive emotionality
  • Effective for communication problems
  • Protective virtues

Turquoise bail pendant and chain in stainless silver steel The weight and dimensions of each natural turquoise stone are given in the variants. Unique piece, contractual photos.

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