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2 in 1 faceted crystal pendulum

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This crystal pendulum is 4cm hung by a carabiner on its silver metal chain ending with a crystal pearl. You can also put this faceted rock crystal as a pendant.

Esoteric practice, clairvoyance, dowsing, mediumship...

Quartz is in a way an amplifier. It has the ability to store energies. So we can load it. These energy amplification and memory properties of the crystal have made it the most used stone in spirituality practices.

Throughout all traditions, rock crystal is linked to light . The neutral color of the crystal makes it a symbol of purity and clarity.

THE rock crystal must be maintained. It does not absorb ultraviolet like other crystals and can therefore be exposed to direct sunlight. You can clean it in the sun or in the light of the moon (full moon is often preferred). You can also immerse your rock crystal in clear water.

You can keep your rock crystal pendulum in a small quartz geode , to recharge it with its benefits.

You will find the divination board on the shop.

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