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Divinatory pendulum board



This divinatory pendulum board, engraved, in wood, is also called dowsing board, dowsing dial or biometrics.
Dimension 15 cm in diameter sun and moon pattern

Thanks to a dial of dowsing, your answers will be of a great precision but will also be more detailed. This tool is also very handy for beginners. Indeed, this dowsing board will allow you to start your initiation to the divinatory pendulum, but also to better interpret the answers given.

100% brand new and high quality
Made of natural wood, solid and durable, comes with a smooth surface which is carved with patterns.
The design of this painting is a mysterious medieval divination.
Which can add fantastic, mysterious and eye-catching feeling to your space and inspire your imagination.

This board can also be used as decorative plates, wooden coasters, etc.
Well suited for beginners in witchcraft, which can help you demonstrate your destiny by helping your decision-making process.

The pendulums presented are not sold with but you can find them on the shop by clicking on this link divinatory pendulum .

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