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Lemurian quartz pendant with laser point, the "master crystal"

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Pendant with a lemurian quartz from Brazil, silver plated.

The stone measures approximately 3.5 by 1 cm.

At first glance, this gemstone looks like clear quartz. However, small details set it apart. Lemurian Quartz has a slight pinkish brown hue, which creates stunning reflections whenever the crystal is exposed to light. While most cuts are transparent, those of Lemurian Quartz are more hazy.

The legend around lemur quartz is fascinating. According to tradition, the Lemurians used this stone to transmit their knowledge to the following generations after the destruction of civilization.

You can also find it under other names like the "Star Seed Crystal" or "Lemurian Seed Crystal". It has special significance for healers. It is related to spiritual journeys. Stone of Shaman, lemurian quartz is a natural stone with high vibrational energy.

In lithotherapy : quartz crystals are considered a synthesis of life and a microcosm of the Universe. Lemurian quartz is a particularly atypical stone due to its metaphysical characteristics. It is sometimes called "Master Crystal" by healers because it helps to rebalance all the chakras.

This pretty lemur quartz pendant will be sent to you with a black cord.

The necklace with its Lemurian quartz is made of black lava stones and measures approximately 50cm.

All our natural stone jewelry is customizable.

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