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Premium Polished Rose Quartz

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Beautiful and large polished freeform rose quartz, top quality from Madagascar.

This natural stone has a very beautiful pink color dotted with crystal veins.

She weighs 1kg184g and measures 13cm high, 11cm wide and has a slice of 5cm. It stands perfectly straight, ideal to be placed in its environment, thus taking advantage of its calming benefits. Placed on a bedside table, it brings serenity and sleep for young and old.

The other two polished rose quartz do:

677g 10x9cm
835g 11x8cm

Rose quartz is a quartz like amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz or rock crystal. It owes its famous color to the metal oxides that compose it: manganese and titanium.

Rose quartz acts mainly on the heart chakra. It is the stone of unconditional love, of the heart and of its emotions.

The photos are contractual and the differences in color of the natural stone are due to the lighting.

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