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Septarian, wild septaria 2kg183g



This septarian also called wild septaria is in the shape of a unique and polished geode from Madagascar.

The hollow cavity is full of beautiful black/brown calcite crystals which have a lot of sparkle. The base has been cut flat so it will stand on its own.

This beautiful natural, untreated stone weighs 2kg183g, measures 18cm in height, 10cm in width and is 8cm in depth. A beautiful mineral for all collectors and lithotherapy fans.

Septarian or septal nodules are concretions containing angular cavities or fissures, called "septarium" that have become filled with calcite and aragonite. A concretion is a hard, compact mass of rock that often forms around decaying organic matter. In the case of septal nodules, the concretions formed in a decaying marine environment.

The cracks in the concretions are then filled in with minerals such as calcite (yellow) and aragonite (brown) and sometimes pyrite causing very interesting patterns, which have often been described as dragon skin. This is why this stone is called "the stone of the dragon" "Septarian dragon egg".

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