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Shungite Elite Noble cristalisée

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The noble elite shungite is the rarest of the shungites, the purest!

It is also called silver shungite, crystallized shungite, noble shungite because of its extraordinary color and its fullerene content of 90 to 98% organic carbon. It comes from the Karelia mine in Russia, the only mine producing authentic shungites.

Shungite Elite is very rare and highly sought after. It represents only 1% of all the Shungites found. It is also called Noble Shungite or Type 1 and sometimes people refer to it as "Shiny Shungite" because even though this mineral has a black tint, it has a silver luster. It is a unique stone!

This natural stone weighs 162g and measures 8cm by 4cm by 4cm.

In lithotherapy : Shungite is a shield against waves and harmful environmental influences. Shungite is also a protective stone against nuisances of relational and psychological origins.

At the level of the astrological signs, it agrees with all the signs and with all the chakras.

The best way to recharge this stone is to expose it to the rays of the sun on a mass of quartz.

Shungite is the only natural source of fullerenes on the planet . Fullerenes stop the production of free radicals which cause chain reactions that can damage living cells. This activity in fullerenes far exceeds the effect of the known antioxidants used today. The richness of fullerenes in shungite also gives it the gift of neutralizing many forms of negative energy.

Shungite fullerenes are also known for their incredible effect when in contact with water . They attract and neutralize waterborne contaminants such as bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and fluoride, to name a few. Shungite has been used as a water purifier in Russia since the mid-1990s. Shungite not only purifies water, but makes water useful to all internal organs and can cause the effect of alleviating and reversing certain diseases . Shungite purified water can help tune your DNA, making it stronger and more resistant to disease.

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