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Holy Lama Naturals massage oils are a unique blend of essential oils that help the body, mind and senses relax. They can be used for massage or as daily body oils.

In their basket this massage oil set is perfect for traveling or as a gift.

Composition of massage oils :
30ml Bliss - rosemary, clary sage and lemon
30 ml Enhance - Jasmine, ylang-ylang and lemon
30 ml Everfresh - petit grain, orange oil and patchouli oil
30 ml Relaxation - rosemary, basil and eucalyptus

This set is packaged in an eco-friendly and durable travel case handcrafted from palm fronds.

Holy Lama's massage oils are made from natural ingredients, avoiding the use of chemicals or synthetics. During manufacturing, less than 1% wastage is produced, and all waste is used as fuel or animal feed, so the carbon footprint is exceptionally low!
The raw materials used for manufacturing are mostly sourced from local farmers in Kerala and the rest of India, building on over seven decades of strong relationships with farmers. The company operates on a credit-free principle, which means that all farmers and raw material suppliers are paid immediately. The factory pays fair wages to staff and fair prices to farmers.

Holy Lama Naturals is recognized in Kerala as a government-approved women's enterprise, where more than 80% of factory workers are women. Most come from disadvantaged backgrounds (ie widowed or abandoned by a partner).

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