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Flat Brazilian amethyst, ideal for lithotherapy


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Beautiful clusters of amethyst with crystals of a pretty purple tone, from Brazil.

Flat and fairly regular in shape, this cluster of amethyst is ideal for placing your bracelets, natural stone jewelery and your small minerals.

The photos are contractual 2 photos for each of the clusters
-249g 8x5x2cm

-470g 12x8x3cm

-478g 10x7x4cm

In lithotherapy *: Amethyst is the stone of wisdom and spirituality. It has been called "the Bishops' Stone". After a certain time, it is recommended to recharge your minerals and jewelry with natural stones, in order to always feel their beneficial virtues.

Amethyst is ideal for purifying or recharging your healing stones. Arranged in a room, it also brings calm and relaxation.

To know everything about the purification and recharging of natural stones , we invite you to read the article on the blog.

Amethyst fan, rare and sublime amethysts from Uruguay may interest you.

* Lithotherapy does not replace medicine or any medical treatment. If in doubt about your health, consult a doctor.

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