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Aquamarine, the jewel of the mermaids

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on August 15 2022

Etymologically derived from the Latin "Aqua marina" , aquamarine means "sea water" . Its clear and transparent color makes aquamarine a stone synonymous with fidelity and love.

It is often offered as an engagement ring and in the French tradition, it is associated with the 23rd wedding anniversary.

The characteristics of aquamarine

Aquamarine is composed of silica, aluminum, copper, beryllium and iron and falls under the group of cyclo-silicates . Its hardness is 7.5/8 on a scale of 10. It has a nice sheen and can be transparent to translucent.


Aquamarine belongs to the family of beryls also composed of the precious emerald and three other much more common minerals, colorless goshenite, rose-toned morganite, and heliodor yellow.

The more or less oxidized iron gives its color to aquamarine, blue or green . and different light or dark shades. It can be confused with kyanite, euclase, apatite or topaz and blue tourmaline.

Beauty is not the only interest of aquamarine. A metal used in its composition, beryllium, has properties sought after in industry. This low density, rare and resistant element is used in aeronautics and in nuclear energy.


Where do we find it?

From the beryl family, like emerald or morganite, aquamarine comes mainly from Brazil .

The other producing countries are Pakistan (the main mines, Shigar and Chumar Bakar, are located in the north), Madagascar (Tongafeno region) or even African countries such as Zambia (Karoi, Mwani and Kariba mines), Mozambique ( Alto Ligonha and Monapo) or Nigeria (Jos plateau). Finally, there are some smaller deposits in Russia, the United States and Africa.

The Santa Maria appellation (from the name of a Brazilian mine) is reserved for the most beautiful aquamarines. The even more sought-after Santa-Maria Maxixe is a deep blue aquamarine that pales in the light.


The largest quality stone, weighing 110 kg, was discovered in 1910 in Marambaia in Minas Gerai in Brazil. Many gems are cut there for a total weight of 100,000 carats. In the same region, at the Pedra-Azul deposit, aquamarines with curious tormented deep blue reliefs were extracted from 1957.

The most famous Brazilian aquamarine is called Dom Pédro . With an incredible azure clarity, this 2 kg stone is the largest cut aquamarine. The crystalline obelisk has been on display since 2012 at Washington's natural history museum, the Smithsonian Institute. Dom Pedro neighbors with another marvel, the Hope diamond cut in the famous "blue diamond", jewel of the crown of France acquired by Louis XIV.

Aquamarine Dom Pedro

What is the symbol of aquamarine?

Aquamarine is closely associated with the sea.

Since the Middle Ages, it has been considered a stone of protection , a talisman which was to protect sailors from shipwrecks and drowning. It is also called "jewel of the mermaids" .

Traditionally, aquamarine is also considered the stone of lovers, because its blue color is a symbol of fidelity . Finally, the weddings of beryls are celebrated for the 23 years of marriage.

Cut in an oblong and rectangular shape, the aquamarine is easy to wear and showcases it set on a ring, earrings or even a pendant.

Aquamarine crimp

Crystal Aquamarine stone to be set in a ring

What are the astrological signs associated with aquamarine?

Aquamarine is the stone of March , itself associated with Aries and Pisces. It is also recommended for people born under the signs of Scorpio and Virgo. In Chinese astrology, it refers to the sign of the ox.

With its palette of blue ranging from the palest to the deepest and its brilliance in nuances, aquamarine gives jewelry a timeless and very feminine elegance .

On the store, you will find aquamarine jewelry and bracelets.

I hope that after reading this article, you will have learned something about this beautiful blue stone that is aquamarine. To know the benefits in lithotherapy , I invite you to read the blog article dedicated to it.

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