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The benefits of aquamarine in lithotherapy

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on August 16 2022

Lithotherapy attributes various properties to stones. The minerals entering in resonance with the body and the spirit, they would deliver quantity of benefits.

Aquamarine through history

Aquamarine stone, also called berylite or chrysolite, comes etymologically from the Latin "Aqua marina" which means sea water . It is a variety of light blue transparent stone previously called beryl or zeberdjed in Egypt. It will subsequently be given its current name of aquamarine in the 16th century.

In ancient times

The hardness of aquamarines is conducive to the art of intaglio (intaglio engraving), which is commonly practiced in Egypt, Greece and especially in Rome.

Many works of art bearing the effigy of the heroes and gods of Olympus or great characters in history have been made using aquamarine.

The most famous of these engravings remains the intaglio of Julie made in the 1st century AD by the Greek sculptor Evodos, later integrated in the Middle Ages into a magnificent artistic composition of jewelry called the casket of Charlemagne . This sumptuous creation was bequeathed by Charles the Bald to the royal abbey of Saint-Denis then entrusted to the National Library of France which houses it today. It represents the daughter of Emperor Titus. This magnificent aquamarine measures 5 cm in height by 4 in width, very clear and transparent, it is one of the most beautiful antique gems that have come down to us.

Intaglio Julie

In the middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, aquamarine was the material from which crystal balls were made. It was also attributed therapeutic virtues and magical powers of luck and protection as indicated by the best-selling 12th century grimoire describing the Magical Virtues of Minerals . Finally, she brought happiness and peace in love to couples.

What are the benefits of aquamarine?

Whether it is to appease the person taking an exam, to bring luck in love, to facilitate communication, the benefits of aquamarine are multiple.

Aquamarine is associated with the neck chakra and the throat chakra, which it helps to purify.

It is associated with the astrological signs Aquarius, Pisces, Libra and Gemini.

On a mental level

The soft and relaxing vibrations of aquamarine promote communication, tenderness and develop sensitivity. It promotes artistic professions, brings inspiration, eloquence and increases the capacity for expression.

Aquamarine is the stone of the divinatory arts which clarifies mediumistic perceptions and clairvoyance.

Very popular with lovers, it reinforces and consolidates a budding love or a fragile relationship. This is why aquamarine is often offered in engagement rings.

Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine is also the talisman of sailors and travelers at sea. It is said to protect against drowning, bring good luck and guarantee a calm and serene voyage. It is called by the pretty name "the jewel of the mermaids".

On a physical level

Aquamarine acts favorably on our entire respiratory system.

It harmonizes the functioning of the endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary…), is beneficial to the lymph and strengthens the immune system in general. It soothes eye fatigue and calms dentalgia.

If it brings good luck to travelers at sea who attribute to it the power to protect them, it is also known to relieve seasickness and nausea.

In case of skin problems such as dryness, skin irritation or pimples, it acts as an elixir to prepare yourself. Simply soak the stone in a glass of water overnight and use the lotion thus obtained several times a day by applying it to the skin without rubbing it.

On a spiritual level

On the spiritual level, aquamarine acts on the chakra of the throat and on the chakra of the heart.

On the throat chakra

The throat chakra represents communication in all its forms: verbal expression, active listening, creativity, respect and kindness. Symbolically, it represents communication with spirit guides and with the afterlife. When in perfect balance, the throat chakra promotes objectivity, sincerity, and clairaudience. On the other hand, when it is blocked, the throat chakra manifests itself in harmful behaviors such as lack of self-confidence, lack of sincerity, excessive shyness or fear of abandonment.

To find balance, you can wear an aquamarine stone in the form of a pendant to always have it near the throat chakra. It will help you speak more confidently, assert yourself in front of others, and have healthy relationships.

On the heart chakra

Aquamarine can also help you unlock your heart chakra. With its gentle and comforting energy, aquamarine promotes love, tenderness and compassion.

Typically, the heart chakra closes following heartbreak, emotional hurt, or trauma.

Wearing an aquamarine can help you work on that particular chakra. When open and balanced, the heart chakra offers you a pleasant feeling of lightness, happiness and unconditional love. This chakra helps you to receive and to give. It helps you express words that are sometimes difficult to pronounce such as “sorry” , “thank you” , or even “I love you” . Located in the middle of the chest and the 7 chakras, the heart chakra can be considered as a link between spiritual energies and material energies, and more broadly, between the earth and the cosmos.

Ultimately, aquamarine is a soft and soothing stone whose virtues are centered on love and communication.

Aquamarine mounted in jewels

A bracelet aquamarine would help you fight the effects of seasickness, while a pendant with an aquamarine would protect your throat and vocal cords from external aggressions. A ring aquamarine would seal the union of young lovers and preserve their feelings.

Aquamarine bangleAquamarine ring

How to purify and recharge aquamarine?

Like other stones used in lithotherapy, aquamarine must be regularly purified And recharged . This allows it to retain all its therapeutic virtues and continue to provide you with its benefits.

Clean your aquamarine

Aquamarine is purified with water, salt, earth or incense .

If you don't know how to do it, we advise you to opt for the easiest method which consists of soaking your stone in a bath of distilled salt water for a few hours. This purification ritual eliminates impurities and negative energies that have stuck to your stone.

If you wear it every day, do not hesitate to clean it carefully about once a week. At the end of the purification ritual, do not forget to gently wipe your stone with a soft, clean cloth to limit the appearance of scratches.

Recharge your aquamarine with its benefits

Once purified, your stone must be recharged to regain all of its powers. To recharge the aquamarine , it is enough to expose it under the rays of the moon for a few hours. To optimize this ritual and multiply the powers of your stone, you can place it on a cluster of quartz or on a cluster of amethyst .

You can perform this recharging ritual after each purification, or simply as soon as you feel a small drop in energy.

If you maintain it with care and rigor, your aquamarine stone will offer you its sweet energies for a whole eternity.

On the store, you will find aquamarine jewelry , whether natural pearl bracelets or pretty rings.

I hope this article has taught you what aquamarine represents in lithotherapy, for all your requests for personalized bracelets, made to measure, do not hesitate to ask me your questions or to visit the store. .

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