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The Stone of the Sun, but where does it come from?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on August 04 2021

The "Pierre de Soleil" or " #héliolite " has a sparkle evoking the reflections of the sun.
With an orange-pink hue that can go as far as red , with shiny and glittery reflections, hence its name, which refers to its warm aspect, making it a stone of Light symbolizing vital force and the joy of living.

It can also have beautiful green or blue reflections, depending on the shards of crystals that compose it (hematite, goethite, etc.).

This particular sparkle due to the reflection of light and its natural shine make it a exceptional quartz to which one lends mystical and divine virtues.

Formerly called "stone of the stars",

it belongs to the family of oligoclases, of the group of feldspars, like Labradorite.
  • Hardness : high, between 6 and 6.5.
  • Transparency : milky to transparent appearance.
The deposits where the Sun Stone is found are in Canada, the United States, India, Madagascar, Norway and Russia.
Our Sun stones come from Madagascar (the ones I use for the creation of long pearl necklaces)
and India, for the most beautiful climbs in #pendentifargent925.

Sunstone has always fascinated with its brilliant reflections that can suggest magical virtues .
The Scandinavian people, especially the Vikings, revered this stone. In Norse mythology, possessing this sunstone allowed easy access to Valhalla, the place where brave deceased warriors are brought to rest in peace.
Archaeologist Thorkild #Ramskou hypothesized in 1967:
A heliolite having been found aboard a wreck, for him, it is a Viking heritage, which wanted that at the time, well before the invention of the compass, we use it to orient ourselves by sea. It was enough to place a heliolite in front of his eye, while looking towards the sky, to find the position of the sun.
We find it thus quoted in works of fiction, which you may know?
In #Thorgal 's album The Mark of the Banished, a Viking warrior offers the hero's son the sunstone he wears as a pendant as a sign of gratitude.
In the #Vikings series , the sunstone plays an important role in the expeditions that make the prestige of certain characters.
Etymologically, the name “heliolite” comes from the Greek helios , in homage to the god of the sun bearing the same name, and of lithos which means “stone” . This stone is traditionally associated with the masculine, a form of celestial authority and light, as proven by different traditions across civilizations.
In ancient Greece, the sunstone represented the god of the sun ( #Helios ) and conferred good fortune, prosperity and longevity on its possessor. It was often used in the form of jewelry, such as sunstone pendants, bracelets and necklaces.
Over the years, each civilization grants it its own qualifications.
For the Celts who practice #sun worship, a heliolite represents cosmic light.
For Buddhists, a heliolite is linked to the protective and benevolent god #Vishnu also called “the Golden Man”.
In the 1980s, a variety of sunstone, Oregon Sunstone , was discovered in Oregon in the United States. This has the particularity of presenting notes of colors other than orange, depending on the stone chips that constitute it. These can be fragments of copper, hematite or labradorite. This is how we find green, yellow, brown, or even transparent sunstones.
In lithotherapy, it is the Radiation Stone
  • The Sun Stone's main characteristics are the warmth and optimism it exudes.
  • It is a lucky stone: it is known to bring luck to the person who holds it.
  • It Favors personal ambitions , hunts complexes.
  • It is a protective stone that helps to find a peaceful sleep.
  • A stone of empathy : its energetic benefits provoke a desire to reach out to others, to meet people, to create social ties.
On the physical level, the stone of the sun being a hot stone ;
  • it is the stone of carnal desire having benefits on the sexual organs of man and woman.
  • A toning stone that would strengthen the heart and the nervous system, stimulating the immune defences.
  • A digestive comfort stone : to be placed on the solar plexus (3rd chakra) to activate inner well-being, ensuring the proper functioning of the digestive system and intestinal transit and avoiding bloating and a swollen stomach.
Thus the Sun Stone or Heliolite is a source of warmth, joie de vivre and optimism. 🥰

Its uses also vary depending on its form ,

  • scope in jewelry (necklace, bracelet or ring), its energies are diffused directly on the energy centers of the wearer as well as around him. It should be known that the range of a mineral is powerful, regardless of its size.
  • The tumbled stones can be transported everywhere , and spread their benefits everywhere. They can also be held in hand for a few moments, consciously, to provide a feeling of well-being and instant relief.
  • Rough or larger stones can be placed in a room of the house , especially for meditation sessions.

You should also know that anyone can benefit from the benefits of stones in lithotherapy, regardless of their zodiac sign.

However, it would seem that the sunstone is particularly active on people born under the signs of Leo, Scorpio, and Aries .

Like all minerals in lithotherapy, this stone needs to be purified and recharged after a certain time to continue to provide all its benefits .

  • purification with distilled water, slightly salted or not.
  • reloading at the bright sunlight and/or in a amethyst geode or on a cluster of quartz for several hours.

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