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Which stones to choose to make a gift?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on June 20 2021

When you choose a stone to offer, it's always tricky, so here are some tips...
  • The best, as always, is to let your intuition guide you ...
  • Then the color ... do you know what his favorite color is? blue, red, black, green? ...
  • Look at her clothes , that will give you an idea, then her style ? casual, sporty, chic and elegant, bohemian...
  • then you will refine on the shape of the stone more or less big, round or long?
  • If you wish to offer him a jewel , a pendant, a necklace.
  • Which length ? choker? falls in the middle of the chest? very long ?
  • if your choice is a natural stone bracelet , does he wear one?
  • This will tell you about the size of the beads 6mm (if your friend likes to wear several) 8mm (if we only have to see this bracelet!)
  • then style; very simple, with a tree of life, Buddha ... or rhinestones for a more feminine, more luxurious side, flat spacer beads for a more sober side or rectangular for more masculine ... spacers or very simple without anything. ..
  • If the person is not wearing jewelry,
  • so choose a crystal, minerals for decoration , there you are sure not to go wrong...
  • the gift will be unique since each natural stone is unique!
  • What are his activities, hobbies ?
  • Does your friend or relative practice meditation or yoga? Choose a spirit stone.
  • Is he athletic? an eye of tiger, bull, falcon.
  • Fan of well-being, ecology, massages? A selenite massage stick, with a beneficial organic oil.
  • Does he like to relax in a good hot bath? Cook ? Himalayan salt will be perfect or a mood candle.
  • Read ? calm ? A pretty salt crystal candle holder...
  • Is he curious, open? Does he know lithotherapy ? Is he a follower of nature? Do you have children, pets? Does he like simple things or all that glitters, luxury? ...
  • What are his current problems ? His well-being or ill-being...?
  • You will then read the virtues associated with each of the stones, minerals... on my FB page @lespierresdeloussia. You will find sheets on the benefits of each of the stones ... this will help you.
  • What is his date of birth , his astrological sign?
  • You will find in the photo album of the FB page @lespierresdeloussia the matches for each of the astrological signs and zodiac boxes .

By answering his various questions, you will refine your choice of gift and if you wish, I can help you 😉

Then look at the photos of the site , the FB page or Instagram the stones of Oussia, your choice will gradually be refined...

The Oussia Stones, Natural Wonders | Facebook

Finally, I can create the jewel , the custom-made personalized bracelet that will suit him the most or the one you have in mind if it is not in the store.

The Stones of Oussia, wonders of nature and well-being

Leave me your comments, tell me what you would like to find in the shop, if you don't find your happiness there. ☺

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