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What is the interpretation of the life path bracelet?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on October 16 2022

The path of life bracelet

A spiritual tool

The meeting of divinatory arts such as lithotherapy and numerology offer magical and exceptional creations.

THE life path bracelet is one of these creations. It raises many questions. This metaphysical creation includes healing by stones and self-knowledge by numbers. With the life path bracelet, you will be able to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Each stone in the bracelet is chosen after very precise calculations made on the basis of the numbers that make up the identity of its owner.

You have more information in this article which explains its calculation How to calculate the life path bracelet? its meaning – the stones of Ousia

A complete path tool

In life, blocking situations can be repeated, which can be financial, family or professional. A person can use a life path bracelet to help overcome blockages. All the stones that make up the path of life have a particular symbolism. They can help a person understand their difficulties.

The path of life bracelet allows you to discover who we are, why we are here, which way to go to reach our goals, our obstacles...

It is above all a spiritual journey tool , which will allow us to bring together our body, our mind and our soul.

The primary purpose of it does not lie in the aesthetic aspect. Its purpose is to accompany and guide its owner as well as possible in his daily life.

An art destined to decipher a life

Numerology is an art that seeks to account for the future and the psychology of a person from the analysis of numbers corresponding to the letters composing his first name. This is a discipline or science according to which all characters correspond to a number between one and nine.

The interpretation of the life path bracelet

Calculating the life path gives the possibility of discovering the eight personal stones. Each stone has its own meaning.

base stone

It indicates the roots . It makes it possible to evolve and open up to the gifts offered by life.

summit stone

It symbolizes a spiritual realization and represents the goals to be achieved in life. The pinnacle stone indicates your spiritual connection.

call stone

It symbolizes deep emotions that are difficult to formulate. It allows you to identify your blockages.

life path stone

It indicates the means to be used to achieve the goals set and the path to follow to ensure its evolution. The life path stone is the stone that connects the base and the summit. It represents the path to be traveled to reach the summit.

personality stone

It symbolizes duality, expression, intelligence and the mind. It helps to overcome its difficulties .

expression stone

It makes it possible to enter into a relationship with the environment and to situate oneself in society. It is a stone of communication. It represents self-control, and helps to assert yourself . It allows you to take your place and get in touch with those around you.


It acts as a door allowing you to enter any place while remaining perceptive . It represents the inner sensitivity of being.

wish stone

It symbolizes the deepest wishes, aspirations and inner sensitivity .

What is the action of each of the stones in the life path bracelet?

pink quartz

It amplifies the creative and artistic side, balances personal energies and will help fight fears, anxieties and resentments.

red jasper

It promotes homecoming, survival, innovative ideas, astral travel and protects against disease.


It promotes inner balance, helps fight against stress and anxiety. It restores peace in exchanges and communication in general


It is a grounding stone that helps balance the emotional heart and fight negativity.


This stone brings prosperity and success, it promotes reflection and helps to find inner peace.


It helps to fight against depression, relieves psychological and moral wounds. It will also raise awareness and detach from materialistic considerations.


It promotes relationships, relationships with others. It will restore self-confidence and bring comfort. It is also the stone of money and prosperity.


It is an anchor stone that will allow us to overcome the deep blockages and the barriers that we have set ourselves. It allows us to become aware of our dark side and to see ourselves as we really are.


It promotes intellectual activities and communication. It gives courage and tolerance. It will also allow spiritual awakening.


It balances the energy body. It is beneficial for the memory, allows to be positive, to fight against depression by removing negativity to the Earth.


It is a stone that brings comfort. It is beneficial to learning and will allow us to overcome all our buried negative emotions. It will open us up to others and develop our self-confidence.


It promotes open-mindedness and spontaneity, courage. It will help in case of excess and emotional blockages. It is also a purifier, helping to make dreams come true. Amber will allow to treat the wounds of the past.


It brings power, determination, it will reinforce charisma, magnetism. Its action will be beneficial to the spirit, to the mind, for Cartesian analysis and mathematics.


Awakening of the spirit and spirituality, it will help to find serenity of the heart and the head. It is a very protective stone that rebalances the energies. It increases the aura and promotes communication with the divine.


It will help fight depression. It reinforces meditations, guides in the interpretation of dreams. It reinforces sensuality and understanding of others.


A stone of inventiveness and imagination, it will allow you to develop your extra-sensory abilities.


It is a stone of protection for travellers, for daily trips. It will bring courage and promotes all communications, guidance, strengthens intuition.

moon stone

Stone of femininity, intuition and inner peace. It soothes tensions and helps to turn certain pages in your life.


It will promote meditation, invigorating, soothing, it encourages forgiveness and emotional purification. It will open up to the universe, and make us feel like we are one with it. Celestial power stone.

Lapis Lazuli

This stone will promote spiritual realization, it helps to reveal our extra-sensory faculties and it deeply soothes. It will help to understand dreams.


Purifying and protective stone that will block negative energies, both physical and psychic. It also helps balance the chakras.

Rock crystal

It allows you to see clearly, to remain objective and to understand the things experienced. It will promote mediation and connection to the spiritual world.


It allows to raise the consciousness, to increase the extra-sensory faculties and to clearly understand all things. It will remove blockages and increase empathy.


A soothing stone, calming, balancing flows and energies, mood. It helps to fight against stress. It protects the mind and the emotional body.

Eye of tiger

It is above all a stone of comfort, which brings courage and hope when everything is going badly. It allows you to find a certain combativeness, to pass the difficult capes. It will also strengthen psychic faculties and intuition.


It is a very good protection against negative energies and sources of pollution. It allows you to be positive and promotes new ideas, the mental spark.


It allows concentration and will restore order in thoughts. Good protector at the psychic level, it blocks the manipulators who could try to harm you.


It is a stone of calm and balance. It helps against daily negativity and absorbs stress and anxieties.


Soft and soothing, it increases wisdom and mental concentration. It will help to control oneself in stressful situations and to calm excitability.


It will make it possible to harmonize the Cartesian side with the intuitive side. It will open our perception to the spiritual world. It increases harmony in group relationships.

smoky quartz

Anchor stone, it channels energy, blocks all negativity. It will promote intellectual activities, increase its vigor and calm nightmares. It is a good protection which helps to pass the difficult caps.

How to interpret, understand each stone according to its location in the life path bracelet?

For example, a person with an amethyst base will mean that this person can find his roots in spirituality. He is therefore a person for whom the material will not be important and who will have to find his security in his faith.
On the other hand, a person with a base stone obsidian will find their roots in truth and clairvoyance. It is therefore in the truth of what she sees that she will be able to feel safe or not.

The summary of the life path bracelet

"You can't teach people anything. You can only help them discover that they already have everything there is to learn." Galileo

I hope this article will help you in understanding your life path bracelet. Please feel free to provide additional information.

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