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What is the life path bracelet calculation?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on September 27 2022

The life path bracelet is made from a calculation combining numerology with lithotherapy. It is composed of 8 stones in the form of pearls. You don't choose these stones.

What is the life path bracelet calculation?

In numerology, each letter corresponds to a number between 1 and 9.

To define each stone, you must therefore perform a calculation. I detail this calculation with the description of the meaning of each of the stones in the article life path bracelet .

To match the mineral benchmark, the numbers obtained must be less than or equal to 33. If you obtain higher numbers, another more complex calculation must be made.

⚠️ You have to be vigilant because, on the Internet, you can find everything and anything. Some sites offer stone correspondence tables or even automatic calculators, but most are wrong.

How is each of the 8 stones calculated?

The base stone

The first stone of the life path bracelet is the foundation stone . This stone represents your roots, your anchoring in the world. It allows you to stabilize your emotions, balance your chakras and move forward with serenity. The foundation stone represents the bedrock, the foundations of your life. These must be very solid so that you do not get lost on your way.

To find your base stone, you have to calculate the sum of the first letters of your first and last names.

The summit stone

The summit stone represents the stone of spiritual elevation . It is the stone related to the 7th chakra. It resonates with the goals we set for ourselves and your ideal life.

To find your pinnacle, calculate the sum of the last letters of your first and last names.

The way of life stone

The way of life stone is the stone that connects the base and the summit. It represents the path to be traveled to reach the summit . It is the stone that allows you to overcome your fears, to remove your blockages. It is also the stone of intuition which guides you throughout your life.

The life path stone is calculated using the sum of your date of birth.

The Calling Stone

The Calling Stone helps to bring out the deep emotions to be able to better become aware of them. It is the stone of hidden fears, buried desires and deep wounds. As your life progresses, this stone will allow you to bring these emotions and negative energies to the surface so that you can free yourself from them.

The call stone is calculated using the sum of the vowels of your first and last names.

personality stone

personality stone is the stone of the mind. It helps to soothe the ego, the spirit and helps to overcome difficulties . It is the stone of intelligence, of expression, but also of duality. The personality stone brings out your feminine and masculine aspect and thus helps you to live in harmony with them.

To find your personality stone, calculate the sum of the consonants of your first and last names.

The Expression Stone

The Expression Stone is the stone of communication. Linked to the throat chakra, it promotes communication and thus allows you to take your place in society and the world . It is the stone that allows you to assert yourself, to connect with others and to have confidence. It is also the stone that soothes your relationships with others.

The calculation of the stone of expression is done thanks to the sum of the results (not reduced) of the stone of call and the stone of personality. If necessary, reduce the resulting number so that it is equal to or less than 33.

The touchstone

The touchstone is the stone of difficulties. She brings the lucidity and foresight necessary to make fair decisions and integrate them. The transformation processes are often long and painful, the touchstone makes the work smoother.

To find your touchstone, add up all the unreduced numbers of the other stones, except for the life path stone). Then reduce the resulting number.

The wishing stone

Finally, the wishing stone is the stone of inner sensitivity , of the emotions of being. It is the stone of aspirations and of the love that dwells in you.

To calculate your wish stone, add all the first vowels of your first and last names.

To conclude, the life path bracelet is a tailor-made guide that allows you to orient yourself on the winding paths of life. By having an influence on the essential points of your personality and your destiny, the minerals of the life path bracelet help you find the right answers and overcome blockages to be in a permanent evolution.

By working on your mind, your emotions, your sensitivity and your intuition, the meaning of each stone resonates with your deep nature.

For compound surnames and first names, consider them as one word and for people who have been adopted, use your birth name.

I hope this article has enlightened you as to the interpretation of your life path bracelet.

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