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Does white labradorite exist?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on May 10 2022

White labradorite exists as such

It is not a moonstone.
Many will sell you white labradorite as moonstone, the latter being much more expensive and rarer. The two are often confused and have a very similar appearance, however the virtues in lithotherapy are different. White labradorite has all the virtues of labradorite and moonstone has virtues of its own.

What is white labradorite?

White Labradorite is a beautiful stone that has soothing reflections and is known to many as "rainbow moonstone" , especially when it has blue reflections.
White Labradorite gets its name from its color which is milky white with blue highlights.
white labradorite

The story of white labradorite

Confused with moonstone, throughout antiquity, white Labradorite was primarily associated with fertility, femininity and menstrual cycles .
In Egypt, this stone protected night travelers.
In the 14th century, Jean de Mandeville said that according to him, white Labradorite warded off storms to protect sailors at sea and made women feel better about themselves regardless of their weight and physique.
It was towards the end of the 19th century, with Art Nouveau, that white Labradorite really became known to the general public.
At this time, nature will be fashionable in jewelry. The greatest jewelers will be inspired by fauna and flora to make beautiful pieces. René Lalique, for example, will focus on stones that are unknown to the general public, including white labradorite, who he loved to work with. His designs are quite eccentric and appeal to people looking to stand out.
Sarah Bernhardt will wear a brooch in the shape of a dragonfly with wings carved in a Labradorite and until 1925, white Labradorite was fashionable and very popular in traditional jewelry stores.
"I look, I observe the woman, the child, the flight of a bird, a tree, a fish; suddenly the harmony of a form, an attitude, a gesture, a movement imposes itself on my mind, never leaves it, combines with other elements of composition previously acquired ... the work is ripe, I just have to pick it ... "
René Lalique to Maximilien Gauthier, journalist
Dragonfly wings by René Lalique

The characteristics of white labradorite

White labradorite has similarities to the basic form of labradorite, but it comes from other deposits. White labradorite, called by some rainbow moonstone, is as its name suggests, a labradorite with the same colors and reflections (green, orange, mauve, blue...) as a classic labradorite, but with a white background.
white labradorite
Its background is always transparent white, it is its reflections that can change. That of Madagascar is milky white, that of Sri Lanka, India is transparent; The most beautiful.
White Labradorite from MadagascarIndian white labradoriteLabradorite
As for the classic Labradorite, it has a gray, blue, olive green background but the characteristics are almost identical.

What are the benefits of white labradorite in Lithotherapy?
On a psychological level , white Labradorite has all the virtues of classic labradorite, but it is associated with Yin. If you are a little interested in Chinese medicine, you certainly know that yin is associated with the feminine principle like the moon.
It promotes the marital happiness by strengthening the bond of love and trust, develops intuition and clairvoyance, tenderness, maternal instinct, tolerance and gentleness.
On a physical level , white labradorite would calm insect bites,
would fight against insomnia, would promote the elimination of toxins so that you find a certain comfort and that you succeed in losing weight more quickly. You can find it with the name "Slimming Stone" .
If you want to combine it with another stone, you must be careful not to combine contradictory effects. To enhance its spiritual aspect, you can pair Labradorite with an amethyst, rock crystal, or moonstone .

What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is sometimes found under the nickname "hecatolite" in reference to the goddess Hecate who looked after the Moon .
His sister, Selene also gave his name to a stone; Selenite, also white. Moreover, until the Middle Ages, Selenite was also confused with Labradorite.
Moonstone, in the traditional language, means "feminine beauty of the moon". This pearly stone is a wealth of the island of Sri Lanka. According to local beliefs, this stone could favor the monsoon. Women have the custom of sewing moonstones into clothing to increase their fertility.
moon stone

What is the difference between white labradorite and moonstone?

White labradorite exists as a stone, yet some give it the name of rainbow moonstone... Why?

These two stones come from the same family of minerals; the Feldspars . However, they do not have the same composition, nor the same appearance.

The real moonstone, adular of its geological name or hecatolite of its scientific name, is a much whiter, milky, even transparent stone for the most sought after.

It can also be gray, brown or orange depending on the country where it is extracted. There may be yellow and blue reflections.

Moonstone is almost always cut in cabochon, and can have cat's eye reflections. It can be confused with opaline (or opalite depending on the name).

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