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Discover the properties and history of opal

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on May 16 2022

The opal and its history

In Australia, it was nicknamed “rainbow snake”. In a first allegory, it was reported that the creator god made the opal from the colors of the rainbow. A second fable said that the creator god traveled following this spectrum of colors, and that at each stop, an opal was created at his feet.

The ancient Greeks also had their own opal saga. It is said that Zeus, the supreme god and ruler of the gods, was so enchanted after his glorious triumph over the Titans that his tears of joy turned to opal when they reached the ground. Opal was believed to endow its possessor with the extraordinary powers of clairvoyance and divination.

For the Romans, it was a source of hope and continence. They were the ones who created the first opal sales. History reports that Marc Antoine had dismissed a senator just because the latter had not deigned to give him an opal that he wanted to offer to Cleopatra and that was valued at around 60,000 Euros.

Finally, in the Arab tradition, it was believed that the opal was born from lightning whose light remained locked in the stone.

The queen of gems

According to archaeological findings, the opal was already worked in Ethiopia, 4000 years before JC . Pliny the Elder described it as the absolute precious stone, the one that brings together the most remarkable properties of other minerals. In her words, this queen of her own borrows the sparkle of amethyst, the fire of garnet and the depth of emerald.

On the side of the Greeks, they attributed many virtues to the opals . They favored, in the eyes of the Ancients, the clairvoyance , hope and the purity . Legends still reach us, from Indian and Arab civilizations, each of which highlights the aesthetic and esoteric properties of opal.

In the Middle Ages, these are health virtues that are attributed to this stone. It is thus used to preserve the health of the eyes and the color of the hair . It is also appreciated for its visual qualities and its luminosity.

In the 19th century, a deposit of opals discovered in Australia revived the popularity of the stone. Queen Victoria herself made it her favorite jewel . A showcase of choice for this mineral which thus entered a new era of fame.

The olympic australis opal: named after the Olympic Games taking place in Melbourne the year of its discovery is kept raw and its 17,000 carats raise its price to 2,500,000 dollars.

Most famous australis olympic opal

What are the virtues of opal in lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy uses crystals to act on energies and chakras. The opal is considered a stone of protection, which amplifies the emotions and releases the blockages of its possessor. It intercepts the surrounding energies with great force.

On an emotional and spiritual level

The water contained in the opal dissolves the energy barriers linked to beliefs, fears of lack and restores the free flow of energies. It contributes to the awakening of consciousness, helps to let go and to live the present moment.

It could restore confidence in shy people and consolidate the feeling of loyalty. She would be able to encourage creativity and originality

  • the common opal , vibrating at a gentler intensity than the transparent and fire ones, has calming and soothing effects on the emotional body: people who are sensitive, or in the throes of excessive stress, will particularly benefit from it;
  • the noble opal as for it, has a powerful action on the balance of energies;
  • Ethiopia opal is used at the root, heart and crown chakras in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system, mental and nervous instability, and sadness. It acts as a mirror reflecting inner visions, facilitates astral travel and stimulates dreams;
  • Andean opal heal emotional wounds.

Likewise, the choice of colors should not be overlooked :

  • white : to face our inner life. Symbol of the purity of feelings, it is often used to create positive vibrations and balance the chakras, thus bringing joy, clarity and intuition;
  • black : to soothe our anxieties. It prevents apathy and lethargy;
  • boulder : stone of contact with higher spirits, the Indians used it in ceremonies and rights of passage. It unblocks the chakras and strengthens the addition of light in the aura.

At the physical level

Opal would neutralize infections, but could also reduce digestive disorders and gastric reflux. It is effective in regulating the bladder and kidneys.

It activates the proliferation of blood cells in case of leukemia, for example.

Opal could fight allergies, cleanse the liver, prevent the formation of gallstones and would be able to destroy tumors.

  • gray opal fortifies and strengthens the heart, blood circulation, the parasympathetic system and the nervous system;
  • white opal promotes sleep, in addition to being beneficial for digestion and gastric disorders;
  • pink Andean opal relieves respiratory and viral ailments;
  • turquoise blue Andean opal regenerates the skin, regulates the kidneys, stimulates the production of blood cells and rebalances the hormonal system.

Astrological correspondence : Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio

But, the stones can all be worn by all astrological signs.

Correspondence of chakras : heart, throat, crown.

What are the stones to associate with the opal?

Lithotherapists agree that the properties of minerals of similar colors are amplified when they are put into synergy. In this light, blue opal, alongside lapis lazuli , aquamarine or chrysocolla , has a liberating effect on the throat chakra and the capacity for self-expression .

How to purify and recharge the opal?

Whether in the form of a pendant, bracelet, tumbled stone or raw, the opal stone must be purified and recharged so that it can once again bring you its benefits.

Indeed, after some time, the stone will have exhausted all the energy it contained and will need to find natural energies.

You can give him distilled water baths as often as you want. It will thus be purified and optimized in its balance and its vibrations.

Then it should be loaded. To recharge opal, opt for exposure to moonlight , a source of energy balance and calming.

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