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How to wear and maintain your life path bracelet?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on August 19 2022

On which wrist should you wear your life path bracelet?

THE left side of the body is more sensitive and has a stronger connection with our inner emotions than the opposite side. The opposite side is also nicknamed "the female side". Preferring the life path bracelet to the left hand will allow you to modify the external pressure that hinders your body.

Place the bracelet on the left side releases healing energy.

The bracelet should be pure and free from other impurities so that the energy is not disturbed. It is necessary to purify it and recharge it regularly.

Customizable life path bracelet Customizable life path bracelet

How to clean your life path bracelet?

Without purification, the stones of your bracelet are devoid of energies. Your stones must be purified and recharged monthly to maintain their properties.

Clean your bracelet with water

It is a simple and reliable method. Fill a glass with preferably demineralised water, and soak your bracelet in it for a few hours. 

Purification through the sun and sea salt

The rays of the sun can purify the stones of your bracelet. Rose quartz is, however, a sensitive stone which in the sun takes on the color white.

THE salt of sea is purifier; place your bracelet in the salt water of the sea and let it sit there for a few hours.

After the purification of your stones, you can move on to the phase of reload in positive energies.

Recharge with light

Being composed of several different minerals, we advise you to opt for a gentle and also very simple method: the rays of the moon. Simply place your bracelet on an inside window sill at night. The rays of the moon will be enough to recharge it. Namely: the rays of the moon are more powerful when it is full.

It is essential to regularly clean and recharge your bracelets so that they transmit all their positive energies to you. You can then when you remove them, put them on a cluster of quartz or amethyst .

Far from being just an aesthetic accessory, it is above all a spiritual tool .

Customizable 6mm life path braceletCustomizable life path bracelet

Its 8 stones are chosen according to extremely precise data and calculations combining numerology and lithotherapy. To know the calculation, I invite you to read the article on the life path bracelet .

The path of life bracelet is therefore completely unique and always made to measure.

a life path bracelet

You can order it on the store , it will be made with natural stone pearls rigorously selected for their aesthetic quality and their benefits in lithotherapy.

Order your custom-made life path bracelet , a unique gift for Valentine's Day, a birthday gift...

You can also order the interpretation of your bracelet , a complete, personalized document.

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    Oui tout à fait vous pouvez purifier votre bracelet avec de l’encens et le recharger à la pleine Lune. De la même façon vous pouvez le mettre dans une coquille saint jacques, c’est une très bonne solution et oui vous pouvez le porter sous la douche. Cordialement Bérangère

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    Ne serait-ce pas plus judicieux de purifier son bracelet chemin de vie avec de l’encens et de le recharger à la pleine Lune par précaution. Certaines pierres ne supportent l’eau comme la Pyrite voire la Malachite et d’autres le Soleil comme le Quartz rose, la Malachite, l’Améthyste, la Pierre de lune,…

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    Peut-on garder le bracelet de vie pour prendre sa douche ?
    Mettre son bracelet dans une coquille saint jacque avec du sel de mer pour purifier
    D’autres informations que je pourrais ignorer

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