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What are the stones of the life path bracelet?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on August 21 2022

If you are looking for a unique and totally personalized gift, the path of life bracelet meets your expectations.

What is a Life Path Bracelet?

A unique wristband

THE life path bracelet is created to measure thanks to the study of your numerology . It brings out your individuality. The stone beads that make it up have been chosen especially for you, according to the numbers that mark out your identity.

Our identity, our first and last names participate in the creation of our personality, of our conscience. Added to this is our date of birth which connects us to the cosmos, the planets and their effects. The life path bracelet allows you to better understand this guideline and guides you towards the meaning and the mission assigned to you at birth.

A method to decode your life mission

The life path bracelet combines the benefits of lithotherapy with the art of numerology. Highly spiritual bracelet, it puts at your service all the stones and energies that carry you.

The path of life bracelet is made up of 8 stones that each have a meaning and a property. Each stone corresponds to an aspect of your life and your person. The stone associated with it will have an impact on this aspect in particular.

The 8 stones are chosen according to a repository and your numerology. To know which are the stones of your life path bracelet and find their meaning, you have to go through the steps of calculation .

What are the 33 stones that make up the path of life bracelet?

1 = Rose Quartz 

Love, gentleness, harmony in relationships.

Its pink color associated with the heart chakra, invites you to love and more gentleness in your relationships.

Rose Quartz Beads Rose quartz helps its wearer get rid of heartaches. It also brings inner peace and helps to forgive.

2 = Red Jasper

Rootedness, security, trust.

Its red color associated with the base chakra evokes rooting , anchoring, Red Jasper is also called "supreme protector". This stone helps to move forward more serenely in life and to live the present moment in full consciousness. The red jasper reassures those who are afraid of death or the unknown and develops in them a feeling of security and confidence in life.

red jasper beads This stone generates a real vital energy of the background and brings its wearer a balance. It has healing properties for wounds linked to the shocks of geographical uprooting and immigration.

3 = Chalcedony

Stone of communication, expression, soft energy.

Its blue color associated with the throat chakra leads you to communication, speech and expression.

Blue Chalcedony Beads Its calming actions are recommended for people who experience excessive aggressiveness and irritability.

4 = Jade 

Stone of balance, wisdom, truth.

In China, it is the stone of the 5 virtues. It is associated with the philosopher's stone and the stone of justice. Encourages you to be what you are.

jade beads Jade encourages its wearer to be more self-reliant and less irritable while providing clarity of mind. It stimulates the inner wisdom of the wearer.

5 = Emerald

Balance, harmony, friendship .

Emerald promotes teamwork, unity and friendship. It helps to find meaning in things . This stone opens the heart, calms fears and emotions. It was the favorite stone of Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt.

emerald beads Emerald is known for its power to repel negative vibes and bad influences. It is the stone of love and friendship par excellence. It offers its wearer clairvoyance and increases his wisdom and patience. It also contributes to the resolution of old conflicts.

6 = Garnet

Anchor stone, strength, resistance.

By its red color associated with the base chakra, the garnet symbolizes anchoring, strength, will, resistance. Garnet works on vital energy and is good for the blood. It protects against negative energies and helps fight emotional instability.

garnet beads Garnet helps to strengthen the image we have of ourselves and cultivate the feeling of power.

7 = Citrine

Joy, energy, abundance

Stone of the solar chakra, it symbolizes light, solar energy, prosperity, joy of living . It is also called the stone of good humor and abundance .

citrine beads Always associated with heat, this sunstone allows you to grow much faster, both intellectually and spiritually.

8 = Obsidian

Stone of protection, against negativity, stress

Mirror effect that makes us face our faults, blockages and weaknesses. Obsidian calms stress and helps to integrate our dark side .

black obsidian beads Protective stone that acts against negativity. It dissolves the fears and blockages of its wearer to allow him to open up to his creativity. Thus, he will be able to open up to new horizons and discover new opportunities.

9 = Aquamarine

Stone of communication, nascent love, great purity .

By its blue color associated with the throat chakra, it symbolizes communication. It was once used by sailors to return safe and sound from long voyages as well as to calm seasickness and storms.

aquamarine beads Aquamarine releases blocked communication and promotes self-expression . It reduces stress and calms the mind. It consolidates a fragile relationship and strengthens a budding relationship. This stone promotes active listening and helps its wearer to communicate better with others while strengthening their self-confidence.

10 = Rhodonite

A stone of love and compassion, it gently brings emotional peace.

By its pink color, it is a stone of the heart chakra. A stone of love and compassion, rhodonite is often associated with the symbolism of the father.

Rhodochrosite Beads This stone helps soothe the heart , especially for those who feel rejected. It is used to find a soul mate , to cure excessive jealousy and to fight against withdrawal.

11 = Carnelian

Vitality, courage, joy of living

In Egypt, it was used to accompany the deceased to the afterlife. Protective amulets were often made with carnelian. It is a stone of the sacral chakra: openness to others, exchange, procreation.

carnelian beads Carnelian gives you the courage to face your problems and also supports your psychological stability. Carnelian gives those who wear it joy of living and happiness.

12 = Amber

Confidence, transformation, anti-depressant effect

Mixture of mineral and vegetable, amber is a fossilized pine resin. The stone of transformation.

Amber beads Amber can help the wearer in exhausting situations, soothing anxieties and facilitating decision-making. This stone is said to have an antidepressant effect.

13 = Hematite

Anchoring, learns that mistakes are experiences that help to move forward.

It is a base chakra stone, with its both red and charcoal gray color signifying grounding. Also called bloodstone , hematite owes its name to the red color obtained when the stone is dissolved in water.

Hematite beads Hematite brings confidence, will and self-respect. It stimulates concentration. It helps to consolidate thinking and thus facilitates the study of complicated subjects such as mathematics .

14 = Amethyst

Spirituality, intuition, against drunkenness

A crown chakra stone with a high spiritual vibration , amethyst is good for sleep and dreams. It fights physical and spiritual drunkenness, transfers low frequencies into high vibrations. Associated with rose quartz, it helps to overcome grief, soothes sadness and dispels fear, anxiety and anger.

Amethyst helps to promote mental calm as well as self-esteem, it thus allows its wearer to perform spiritual practices in complete serenity. This stone contributes to fight effectively against all the disorders of nervous origin.

amethyst beads Amethyst is a stone of peace and protection . It helps the person who wears it to avoid contact with people with bad intentions, while preventing those who want to hurt him from reaching him. Amethyst is also used to get rid of addictions.

15 = Malachite

Makes life more intense, balance, seduction

Stone of the heart chakra, stone of seduction. Mirror stone of oneself, it contributes positively to the psychocorporal balance.

Natural malachite beads Malachite boosts immunity and strengthens the respiratory system. It is recommended for all bone problems, osteoarthritis, arthritis, osteoporosis.

16 = Opal

Confidence, desire, self-esteem

Delicate stone, which can contain up to 30% water; opal is a stone with a subtle vibration. It makes light, happy and joyful. It promotes the confidence and self-esteem of shy people while encouraging their creativity and originality.

opal beads Opal is known for its calming, soothing effect which can curb the wearer's anger.

17 = Teal

Protective stone since the dawn of time.

Native American shamans consider turquoise as a bridge between man and infinity. It can change color and split according to the energetic influences received. Turquoise favors the understanding of one's own destiny and makes one aware that one is in control of one's happiness. It frees the mind and comforts the body and the spirit. It brings together masculine and feminine energies.

Mongolian natural turquoise beads Turquoise is recommended for depressive people who cannot move forward in their lives. It restores joy, happiness and cheerfulness . It also protects travelers and is often worn by anyone who works in aviation.

18 = Moonstone

Intuition, stabilizes emotions, feminine energy

moon stone tilts the unconscious towards the conscious and develops intuition. It reminds us that life is made of changes and cycles. It stabilizes and calms the emotions . It is a feminine energy stone. It soothes tension related to the menstrual cycle . For men, it promotes contact with their feminine side.

moonstone beads Moonstone promotes wisdom and stimulates creativity while increasing sensitivity to art and beauty. It calms people who tend to be moody and softens fiery and severe characters. It makes it possible to develop pleasant relationships between people and to improve life within a couple.

19 = Yellow Topaz

Joy of living, generosity

Luminous stone that symbolizes the joy of living.

yellow topaz beads It is often called the stone of heart intelligence. It should be noted that these virtues vary from one stone to another and it is the color that determines the properties of topaz.

20 = Lapis lazuli 

Makes us see the truth in the face, accept it and express our opinion.

3rd chakra stone eye, lapis lazuli is associated with intuition and meditation. It has the color of the celestial vault. Lapis lazuli brings self-confidence, strongly recommended for those who want to take control of their lives.

lapis lazuli beads It is the stone of communication par excellence. It facilitates the expression of feelings and public speaking. The lapis lazuli stone brings inner peace and drives away stress.

21 = Black Tourmaline

Acts on magnetic fields, protective shield

black tourmaline beads It is a stone that has a piezoelectric effect . The electrical properties of tourmaline act as a protector against harmful radio waves. It also acts as a protective shield against all the negative waves that can invade your home.

22 = Rock Crystal

Purity, clarity, light, master healer.

The master of the mineral world, he symbolizes clarity, light and purity. It is the most powerful amplifier . The crystal has magical powers over the mind.

crystal beads It allows its wearer to see the negative things that are hindering their advancement in life. Its transparency clarifies things. The rock crystal stone is widely used in meditation , thanks to its ability to increase the sensory receptivity of the person.

Rock crystal is a painkiller stone used in the treatment of back pain, but can be recommended for the relief of any type of pain.

23 = Azurite

Increases extra-sensory faculties, intuition, telepathy.

A stone associated with the 3rd eye chakra, its intense blue is a call to meditation. In the bracelets the pearls are associated with malachite often present together in nature .

Malachite Azurite Beads Azurite helps to free oneself from negative and blocking ideas. The stone is also recognized for its power to fight against phobias. Azurite greatly increases extra-sensory abilities.

On the physical level, azurite is recommended for people in the period of convalescence. It has a very good action on joint disorders. 

24 = Amazonite

Soft, calming, soothing.

Stone of the heart chakra, it can come in several colors, from green, blue to brown. Amazonite opens and heals the heart. It allows peace between intuition and reason. It soothes emotional trauma. It releases affectionate communication.

amazonite beads On the psychic and emotional level, the amazonite stone helps to face the judgment of others, while increasing self-confidence and determination.

25 = Tiger's eye

Helps find a ray of hope when all seems dark.

A stone of the solar chakra, tiger's eye is a stone of will and courage .

tiger eye beads Tiger's eye helps to keep your distance and protect yourself from bad influences in times of stress. Some civilizations have attributed a magical protective power to it. It is then believed that it protects its wearer from the evil eye.

26= Pyrite

Discipline, sense of organization, memory

pyrite beads Pyrite brings energy and fights fatigue. This semi-precious stone is recognized for its ability to stimulate memory and intellectual abilities. It is recommended for people who suffer from concentration problems and/or memory disorders. Pyrite helps to ward off fears and to understand the cause of certain situations in our lives. It makes more honest by bringing to light the secrets, feelings and hidden memories.

Very rich in iron, pyrite is recommended for people suffering from an iron deficiency. She then struggles against anemia and red blood cell deficiency.

27 = Fluorite or fluorite

Promotes learning, structure, genius stone

Stone composed of fluorine and calcium. It comes in several colors from colorless to yellow, green, purple and blue. Fluorite helps us get rid of fixed ideas, limited behaviors and rigid attitudes by connecting us to the essential. Helps to organize and structure our life .

fluorite beads Fluorite is recommended for those who suffer from emotional blockages . This crystal also helps people who are under the effect of psychological manipulation or mental influence.

On a physical level, fluorite strengthens the bones . It is recommended for people who have bone problems.

28 = Pearl 

Soft, soothing. She is a reflection of ourselves.

White pearl beads The pearl points out our faults to make us accept the truth and assume our responsibilities . It teaches us that each painful experience brings positive by helping us to mature and grow.

The virtues of the pearl depend on its color. The white pearl is associated with spirituality and purity. The beige pearl brings softness and has soothing abilities. When the color of the stone tends towards grey, the latter offers its wearer modesty and discretion. Pink pearls symbolize tenderness, love and affection. If you suffer from anxiety attacks, you are strongly recommended to wear the stone with a green sheen.

In life path bracelets, the bead will be white.

29 = Sodalite

Awareness, confidence, soothing

Stone of the throat chakra, it is a soft stone, ideal for children .

sodalite beads The stone helps to control one's emotions and to be more methodical. It strengthens self-confidence and frees the mind from negative ideas. Sodalite thus helps to move forward in your life.

30 = Smoky Quartz

Lucidity, concentration, against addictions

Smoky Quartz helps overcome bad phases. A mixture of clarity and shadow, quartz is the stone of lucidity and concentration.

Smoky Quartz Beads This stone allows its wearer to fight against anxiety attacks and chase away negative ideas. It helps him think better and see things clearly. It is an effective antidepressant . Smoky quartz fights sadness .

Smoky quartz is used to combat all forms of addiction : tobacco, alcohol, drugs.

31 = Sulfur

Stone of transformation of suffering.

Very great purifier, important symbolic role in Alchemy.

Sulfur brings joy and strengthens the spirit. It absorbs our negative energies and emotions. In alchemy sulfur represents the activity of the spirit. It creates immediate changes in our emotional states and protects us from bad spells.
It is not found in pearl 

32 = Mercury

Passage stone.

Passage from non-consciousness to consciousness, it is rarely found in a solid state, its solidification is an act of magic. Nicknamed the stone of merchants , the stone has the power to attract money, develop business and trade. To significantly increase your income, it is advisable to place it near where you will receive the money.

Important symbolic role in Alchemy

It is not found in pearl

33 = Salt 

Purification and transformation.

Salt has always been associated with purification. It has an important symbolic role in Alchemy. Known to miners as rock salt, halite has its origins in two Greek words hals and lithos, meaning salt and stone respectively. Halite is recommended for people having difficulty moving forward in their love life or overcoming disappointment in love. The stone protects you against negative waves and allows you to live in complete serenity.

Halite helps restore the chemical balance of the human body , allowing it to replenish itself with essential minerals. In addition, it considerably relieves headaches and water retention problems.

It is not found in pearl

By which stone to replace sulphur, mercury and salt?

If someone falls on one of the three, the bracelet will have 7 stones or can be replaced with one of the following beads, according to some sites.

  1. Sulfur replaced by Moonstone
  2. Mercury replaced by Mokaite
  3. Salt replaced by Quartz Tourmaline

All the photos that illustrate this article are the natural pearls selected to create your life path bracelet.

To order it, go to the life path bracelet link and choose your type of bracelet.

To find out how the 8 stones are chosen from among the 33 possible, which make up your unique bracelet, I invite you to read the article detailing the calculation of the life path bracelet.

Hope you learned a lot 😏? ...

Feel free to comment on the article and add your experiences.

You will find on the blog , other articles on the life path bracelet, I invite you to consult them. To ask me your questions and make your requests for custom-made, personalized bracelets, find me on the store, wonders and magic of nature.

See you soon 😀

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