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The golden triangle in lithotherapy

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on November 29 2021

The golden triangle

We find the golden triangle in mathematics, where it is an isosceles triangle. In Paris, there are three avenues (Montaigne, Georges V and Champs Elysées) forming a district where wealthy families live and luxury shops are located. In other cities, the golden triangle is historically the most beautiful and richest district of the city. In Asia, it is a mountainous region where the border of 3 countries Laos, Thailand and Burma meet, two rivers flow there including the Mekong. It was a high place of commercial exchange, today one of the great tourist attractions of the country.

Through civilizations, the triangle a strong symbolism

Among the Egyptians, the pyramids have the shape of a triangle. Associated with their Great God-Sun Ra, these pyramids represent two rays of the sun projected on the ground, allowing the deceased to get closer to their divinity.

This symbol is found in the Christian religion, embodied by the principle of the Trinity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Among Buddhists, it takes place in the unity of a being: body, speech and spirit. This symbol makes it possible to highlight aspects, to which one does not necessarily pay attention. For them, speech, mind and body hold equal importance, forming a trinity.

In Freemasonry, the triangle represents the idea of ​​fundamental principle and ultimate goal of all that is built.

Thus, the triangle is often considered as a divine figure evoking harmony, wisdom and the Trinity. It is of course associated with the number 3.

The number 3

The number 3 in many traditions is defined as the right way, the truth or even eternal life. It unites opposites, reconciles opposites.

  • the three forms of matter: solid, liquid, gaseous,
  • the three dimensions,
  • past, present and future,
  • the three primary colors (blue, yellow and red),
  • or even the three kingdoms of nature (mineral, vegetable, animal).

In terms of Man and his condition, the number 3 can evoke:

  • birth, life and death,
  • body, soul and spirit,
  • thought, word and deed,
  • thesis, antithesis and synthesis,
  • the material, the spiritual and the divine...

The number 3 is found in the sound Om in Hinduism; AU and M.

For all these reasons and many others, the number 3 associated with the triangle forms the golden triangle.

The Golden Triangle in Lithotherapy

For people who believe in the virtues and "powers" of stones, the golden triangle is a very useful association for finding inner harmony.

It is the association of three stones; amethyst, pink quartz and rock crystal also called quartz.

Each of these stones has purifying, gentle and spiritual virtues, their combination releases high and positive energies, develops a relaxed atmosphere and promotes relaxation.

The benefits of amethyst

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality. It offers a very powerful radiation, while sharing energies soothing and gentle. Its influence is beneficial on the nervous system, allowing to bring high relaxation to body and mind. Its energies relieve all related symptoms to stress such as: headaches, nervousness, insomnia, nightmares... It is also a stone that is recommended to stimulate creativity and imagination, but also to make important decisions in a more peaceful way. It is said to be the stone of humility and wisdom .

Its violet color, more or less dark and opaque depending on its origin, makes it an extremely popular stone in jewelry.

The benefits of rose quartz

Of a beautiful pale pink, this stone is that of love and the heart. It is also assimilated to the 4th chakra; that of the heart. Rose quartz is recommended for soothing heartache and healing emotional wounds . It is the stone of forgiveness , to oneself and to others. Because it helps whoever wears it to love each other, to accept each other as it is and to soften its heart, pink quartz would promote balance and harmony in our relationship to ourselves, but also to others. It contributes to positive exchanges, especially on the emotional level and thus promotes a more peaceful, loving atmosphere and a feeling of comfort in the home.

The benefits of rock crystal

Rock crystal is the natural stone, essential in lithotherapy. In particular, it has the ability to amplify the properties of the stones next to which it is placed. Rock crystal (also called quartz) would help the wearer to work on his own energy, to amplify it, to transform it positively. With its high vibratory rate, it is therefore used particularly to work on the energy blockages . It is also credited with the power to stimulate the immune system, reduce pain and strengthen body power. She helps to to amplify the energy and the light of each being . Purifier par excellence, its role in the trio is to cleanse the energies of the body, the mind, but also of the atmosphere.

The benefits of the golden triangle in lithotherapy

Associated, these three stones embody "the golden triangle", thus offering a particularly high vibration. Each of them having purifying, gentle and spiritual virtues, their combination releases positive energy into the atmosphere.

To benefit from the virtues of these three stones, you can of course wear them as jewelry but also have them rolled near you (in your pocket, your bag, on your workspace, etc.).

As they are soft stones, you can wear them constantly day or night.

During the day, the golden triangle will help you stay calm, soothed and avoid stress. At night, it will allow you to benefit from a restful sleep.

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