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Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on March 18 2022

Lithotherapy is a practice that would be able to treat different symptoms thanks to natural stones.

Coming from the association of the Greek terms "lithos" meaning stone and "theraperia" meaning cure, lithotherapy designates " stone therapy" .

The origin of lithotherapy

Lithotherapy has been used since the Middle Ages. Lapidaries of the time promoted them as medical treatments and claimed that certain types of stones had magical powers.

In antiquity, stones were considered to have therapeutic virtues. Nowadays, and for hundreds of years, traditional Tibetan and Mongolian medicine has used stone powder in a therapeutic solution. Reinvented in the 1970s, lithotherapy was reborn thanks to certain therapists from the New Age movement.

Modern lithotherapy

The term “lithotherapy” appears in the second half of the twentieth century. The medium Edgar Cayce was the first to draw attention to the healing properties of minerals by evoking the healing power of crystals (crystal healing).

Then it is under the impulse of the movements of ideas born in the 1960s and 1970s, in particular of the New Age, that lithotherapy regains favor with the general public.

Today, more and more people are passionate about the benefits of stones and are developing this alternative medicine as an alternative and complement to modern medicine. Some strive to explore all the therapeutic capacities of stones and intend to give lithotherapy its letters of nobility, convinced that it can relieve and heal us.

Stones and crystals are also part of our daily life as homo technologicus. Metals and chemicals are extracted from minerals every day. Quartz is in our watches and computers, rubies generate lasers...

And we wear them... diamond, emerald, garnet in jewelry...

Perhaps one day we will find in this same technology the means to constitute lithotherapy in science. We will thus be able to observe how the stones act mechanically on our body, our mind and our energy balance.

Until then, everyone is free to make up their own mind about using the stones on a daily basis. More importantly: everyone is free to find benefits that a thousand-year-old experience has brought to light.

What is the principle of lithotherapy?

It is based on the idea that stones and minerals have therapeutic virtues. According to the principle of lithotherapy, they would emit vibrations, they would have a resonance capable of acting on the body to improve the well-being of the person in contact with it, or at least nearby.

To take advantage of the regenerating and revitalizing virtues of stones outside lithotherapy sessions, it is possible to wear them as a pendant, a bracelet, in your pocket or even to place them in the living room.

To choose it well is to take the time to look at it, to hold it in your hand to feel its vibrations, and also to choose it according to these virtues.

Natural stones can also be used in care, placed on the points of the body that you wish to rebalance or relieve. When they are small, the stones accompany you everywhere, in the pocket of your coat or in your bag.

They would also be useful during a yoga session or for meditation.

You can thus place a crystal, a beautiful polished or raw natural stone of various shapes or a natural stone object in your home, office, consulting room, business... Labradorite is recommended for all professions open to the public or paramedical .

Lithotherapy would thus help to fight against stress, anxiety, fatigue, the evil eye, pain, insomnia... and other ailments.

Does it work ?

There is no scientific proof of the virtues of the stones, nor of the existence of a “specific energy present in the stones. As a result, this unconventional medicine is called pseudo-science.

For some, it's a question of the placebo effect, and therefore of conviction. In other words, for the stones to give good results, it is necessary to believe in them… to believe in their properties and benefits.

Others believe it is a matter of quantum physics. According to this science, matter - which we see as solid - is in fact overwhelmingly an empty space bathed in energy and animated by vibrations. With this in mind, lithotherapy made it possible to bring energy to a specific organ or area or, on the contrary, to get rid of it (if in excess).

Health passport article, author Marion Spée, scientific journalist (2017)

Whatever your use of stones, note that lithotherapy should not replace medical treatment. Lithotherapy is not scientifically proven. In case of health problem, consult your doctor first.

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