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Platonic solids

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on November 03 2022

What are Platonic solids?

The Platonic solids are part of sacred geometry. They are composed of 5 crystals. They are regular polyhedra whose edges have the same length. Their angles are equal. The areas of each face are equal.

Platonic solids

sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is the science of the forms on which matter is built, forms which allow the Spirit to manifest itself in the material world, such as the human being. There are an infinity of forms, but all, without exception, come from the seven primordial forms, the 5 Platonic solids the sphere and the tetrahedral star: the star Merkaba.

All the particles that make up energy and matter adopt one of these forms.

It is Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician, who seems to have made the link between the Divine aspect, mathematics and geometric shapes. He discovered or rediscovered the seven primordial forms, and realized that they contained, in geometric language, all the information of the universe.

Platonic solids

The Platonic solids are the only three-dimensional geometric figures that possess the following characteristics: all their edges are equal, all their faces have the same area, all their angles are equal, and they fit perfectly into a sphere and into a cube.

They are the tetrahedron (the pyramid), the hexahedron (cube), the octahedron, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron.

For thousands of years, the Platonic solids were a subject of study by geometers because of their aesthetics and symmetries. Their name in honor of the Greek philosopher Plato recalls a theory, which associates the physical Elements — the four elements — with four convex regular solids. For a long time the number five and the golden number were fetish objects, associated with Plato's dodecahedron . The word “quintessence” remained. Some have seen in the golden ratio a proof of the existence of the creator of the universe.

Each solid has its own characteristics and corresponds to a particular body: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and astral.

What do the 5 crystals symbolize?

The Tetrahedron

The Tetrahedron (the pyramid) symbolizes fire. It has 4 faces which are equilateral triangles, 4 vertices and 6 edges. It amplifies incoming and outgoing energies from heaven to earth. It is associated with the 3rd chakra, that of the solar plexus.


The sound and color that correspond to the tetrahedron are the note RE and the color orange.
Its main properties are to amplify the energy that enters and leaves it, to memorize and diffuse an intention. It emits a wave of form that channels energy from heaven to Earth and energizes the 3rd chakra.
Seat of the family conscience, the word associated with the tetrahedron is humility, an attitude without which power is used to dominate.
The tetrahedron is associated with orange-colored stones .

The Hexahedron

The Hexahedron (the cube) symbolizes the earth. It has 6 faces which are squares, 8 vertices and 12 edges. The hexahedron helps anchoring. It is associated with the 1st chakra; the root chakra, on which molecular and cellular life are based.


The sound and color that correspond to the hexahedron are DO and the color red, its element is Earth.
The hexahedron is the primordial masculine form.
Its influence strengthens the anchoring and the relationship to Mother Earth in the reality of the concrete world, physical body and dwelling. It allows you to develop your foundations before moving on to other horizons.
Its main properties are to ground and densify intention, attention and action. It emits form waves that activate the rational left brain which is very suitable for those whose masculine polarity is atrophied. These waves of form energize the 1st chakra.
Seat of individual consciousness, the word associated with the hexahedron is: security, feeling that gives self-confidence.
The hexahedron is associated with red colored stones.

The Octahedron

The Octahedron symbolizes air. It has 8 faces which are equilateral triangles, 6 vertices and 12 edges. The octahedron amplifies the different cardinal points (North, South, East, West, Nadir and Zenith). It is associated with the 4th chakra, the heart chakra.

Its action favors the opening of the heart, feelings.


The sound and color that correspond to the octahedron are the note MI and the color yellow.
Its main property is to amplify in its center the energies of the six directions: north, south, east, west, nadir (down), and zenith (up) and to root them in the earth and in the sky.
The word associated with this form is: invulnerability, a feeling of inner peace that is obtained by controlling emotions.

The octahedron is associated with yellow colored stones.


The Icosahedron

The Icosahedron symbolizes water. It has 20 faces which are equilateral triangles, 12 vertices and 30 edges. The Icosahedron aids in meditation and concentration. It is associated with the second chakra, the sacral chakra, the center of emotions.


The sound and color that correspond to the icosahedron are the note SOL and the color blue.
The icosahedron is a transmitter-receiver antenna that allows an individual to communicate a personal wish or information to the community.
The influence of the icosahedron is soft and dynamic. It is very suitable for people wishing to better manage their emotions and their sexuality.
The word associated with the icosahedron is: authenticity, attitude that provides unconditional love of self.
The icosahedron is associated with blue colored stones .

The Dodecahedron

The dodecahedron symbolizes the universe. It has 12 faces which are regular pentagons, 20 vertices and 30 edges. The dodecahedron is to be placed East-West. It represents the All, the Universe. It is associated with the 5th chakra that of the throat, with the 6th chakra that of the 3rd eye and also with the 7th chakra, that of the top.


The dodecahedron contains 375 times the ratio of the Golden Ratio. Its influence is gentle yet powerful. It is very suitable for people wishing a global harmonization, a soft connection with the subtle planes, a new understanding.
The sound and color that correspond to the dodecahedron are the note FA and the color green.
Its main properties are to promote communication, to decontaminate the energy of a room, to amplify the intention, to energize the chakras.
The waves of form that it emits promote spiritual evolution and root the feeling of unity and plenitude.
The dodecahedron never needs to be recharged, it energizes all the chakras.
The word associated with this form is: implacability, compassion in justice, an attitude that emerges when the masculine energy of wisdom balances the feminine energy of love.
The dodecahedron is associated with green colored stones.

In lithotherapy

Plato's solids in lithotherapy are used in energy care and the rebalancing of the chakras.

The perfect geometric forms that are the Platonic solids emit vibrations (waves of forms), which, associated with the colors, the sounds and the elements, can by resonance rectify our subatomic, atomic, molecular and cellular structures. We can release negative energies, fear, fatigue, pain…. so that they are transformed into our energy structure.

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