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What will quartz have?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on November 01 2022

What will quartz have?

It is a rock crystal from the quartz family. It is also found as pearl quartz or opal quartz. Because of its pearly white color, it is associated with angels, with the celestial world.

His particuliarity

Aura quartz is quartz coated with platinum. It is obtained after being covered, placed in an empty chamber and sprinkled with pure gold (24 carats), following its heating to 871°C. Its metallic and iridescent reflections are in fact the result of the fusion of gold atoms on its surface.

Where do we find it?

It is found all over the world but the most beautiful come from Brazil.

Quartz aura in lithotherapy

It is a stone of light, connected to the star Sirius, an angelic stone connected to the celestial world, to the guardian angels. It makes the link between the visible and invisible world.

Its virtues in lithotherapy

Quartz aura has all the virtues of rock crystal. It is a purifying stone. Quartz will have developed spiritual and moral elevation. The chakras associated with it are the throat chakra (5th), the 3rd eye chakra (6th) and the crown chakra (7th). It is beneficial for all astrological signs.

At the spiritual level

The quartz will have dissolved energy blockages and realigns all physical bodies. It heals and purifies the aura making it more serene and thus awakens spiritual awareness.

At the physical level

The aura quartz helps to fight against fatigue, stress and anxiety.

How to cleanse, purify and recharge quartz aura?

The purification of quartz aura is done in water, by fumigation with sage or Palo Santo . It is recharged on a heap of amethysts .

You will find beautiful aura angel quartz from Brazil on the store , as well as the tools necessary for its purification and recharging.

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