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Rose quartz, the stone of the heart and love

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on May 18 2022

Rose quartz has always been defined as the stone of the heart, love and peace.

Rose quartz, stone of love

Quartz is the most common mineral in the earth's crust and there are a large number of varieties. rock crystal pure and perfectly transparent contains only silicon. Colored crystals owe their appearance to the presence of other elements, for example manganese , titanium oxide and the dumortierite for rose quartz.

Rose quartz presents a splendid palette of tender and soft colours: pale or dark pink, nuanced with orange, peach or lavender. Thanks to its fresh and pastel tones, rose quartz has always inspired calm and tender feelings. He was awarded the prettiest and most envied of titles: that of stone of love!

Patagonia Rose Quartz

Most often translucent, its appearance is often cracked and its appearance more or less cloudy.

Polished rose quartz

It can be confused with other lithotherapy minerals of roughly similar shades such as:

  • pink topaz (the most precious topaz)
  • kunzite (a spodunema)
  • morganite (a beryl)
  • pink sapphire (a corundum)
  • bisbelite (a tourmaline)
  • pink petalite

In its natural state, it is found in the form of sparkling, translucent crystals. As a general rule, quartz is a very widespread mineral on the globe since it represents 12% of the earth's crust and the upper part of the mantle. Today, rose quartz is imported from 2 main deposits located in India and Sri Lanka. The largest rose quartz deposit is in Brazil. There is notably in a small village in the state of Minas Gerais, an exceptional deposit of pink quartz, with a very pronounced color. In addition to its almost violet hue, it presents a composition of exceptional purity. This pink quartz now bears the name of the place of its extraction: the quartz of Angelândia.

It is also in Minas Gerais that a very famous quartz crystal about 40 cm high was extracted around 1950. It is a smoky quartz surrounded by pink quartz which has been given the name of "Madonna Rosa" .

Madonna Rosa Pink Quartz

That said, it is possible to find it in smaller deposits in Madagascar, South West Africa and the United States. In terms of quality, the finest are generally found in Brazil and Madagascar.

Brazilian rose quartz

What are the virtues of Rose Quartz in lithotherapy?

At the psychological and spiritual level

The rose quartz stone is a stone that brings peace, love and friendship. It helps those who wear it to forgive, but also to respect, both themselves and others. It accompanies people in a state of shock and promotes rapid healing, whether physical or moral. Recognized for its soothing properties, rose quartz stone can be placed in a living room such as the living room, but also in a bedroom. Love and calm will be reunited and tensions, if any, should ease and subside.

If the rose quartz is accompanied by a black tourmaline and is placed in a bedroom, for example, the virtues will be increased tenfold and complementary since calm and quality of sleep will be provided. The nightmares should go away.

The pink quartz is known to bring security, comfort and tenderness to its wearer. Ideal for children, this stone delivers a soft and maternal energy. If your child has trouble sleeping because he is too restless, you can drop a pink quartz stone in his room, under his pillow or under his bedside table to help him find calm and serenity. Thanks to its vibrations, rose quartz helps reduce stress, anxiety and all the negative feelings that disturb your mind. By promoting inner peace, this stone makes social relationships more pleasant and more spontaneous. It makes it easier to open up to others and to be more attentive. If you tend to be suspicious due to emotional wounds from the past, rose quartz can help you open your heart and trust again.

Rose quartz, raw, heart-shaped and polished

Raw, heart-shaped, polished rose quartz

Very often, it is said that it increases tenfold the qualities which are generally attributed to women, namely; tenderness, affection, benevolence, tolerance and attentive listening. By wearing rose quartz, even the darkest hearts and hardest characters will find the wisdom to forgive, receive and give love.

Rose quartz is directly connected to the 4th chakra , the heart chakra. Located at the level of the chest, the heart chakra is the center of the 7 chakras: the 3 spiritual chakras are above and the 3 physical chakras are below. In a way, the heart chakra establishes a subtle link between material and spiritual energies. When balanced, it restores the balance of energies circulating in all the chakras.

When the heart chakra is blocked or out of balance, it manifests in negative behaviors such as intransigence, withdrawal into oneself, fear of abandonment and emotional dependence. Wearing a rose quartz stone near the heart chakra , in the form of a necklace for example, allows you to open it gently.

Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra

Natural rose quartz pendant

If you manage to keep your heart chakra open, you will always feel confident, cooperative, sincere, joyful, and above all, at peace with yourself. You can also have a pebble in your pocket, or even put the pebble on your bedside table, it will take full effect during the night.

At the physical level

In lithotherapy, pink quartz relieves injuries caused by fire. Like an elixir of youth, it limits the appearance of wrinkles and skin disorders. On a physical level, the rose quartz stone is known to regulate blood pressure and the endocrine system. It protects the lungs, heart and respiratory tract. It facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body through the adrenal glands and kidneys.

Worn daily, it fights against headaches, stress, fears and sleep disorders.

Considered the stone of Aphrodite, the rose quartz stone plays an important hormonal role. According to this belief, it would be able to regulate the libido and enhance sexual fulfillment.

How to use rose quartz in lithotherapy?

Place rose quartz stones in your home , in the bedrooms for example, the quartz will then gently absorb negative energies and diffuse beneficial vibrations conducive to restful sleep. You can of course carry it on you , either in the form of a pendant, or in the form of a fragment or a rolled stone that you will place in your pocket.

You can prepare an elixir by letting the raw rose quartz infuse in a sterilized container containing 30 dl of mineral or distilled water, protected by stretch film. Place the container outside in a sunny spot for at least half a day. To keep this elixir for a few weeks, it will be necessary to add alcohol at 30° (1/3 of the prepared volume).

It is also possible to make a relaxing massage oil by letting rose quartz macerate for a few days in calendula oil (or another oil).

In lithotherapy, the rose quartz pendant is used instead to act directly on the level of the heart chakra. Place the stone at this level in order to benefit as closely as possible from its soothing virtues. In this case, a 50cm chain is the most suitable.

Natural rose quartz pendant and its 50cm chain in 925 silver Natural rose quartz pendant and 50cm silver chain

How to purify and recharge rose quartz?

Rose quartz will need to be cleaned and purified regularly. You will place your stone in a glass container, or in earthenware, preferably filled with distilled and salted water. You can also place it for 10 minutes under running tap water.

The reloading will be done inside an amethyst geode or more simply in the morning sun or under the rays of the moon. Absolutely avoid leaving it for a long time under a scorching sun because the rose quartz could lose its pretty color!

You can place your stone on a cluster of quartz or on an amethyst geode to optimize this ritual. Rose quartz is a soft but resistant stone. If you take care of it, it will provide you with its soothing benefits and comforting energy for many years to come.

With which other stones associate rose quartz?

Raw or polished rose quartz stone should not be mixed with a small collection of powerful minerals whose energy would be too energizing. Turquoise, onyx, obsidian, ruby, amber and tiger's eye are a perfect example. These stones tend to take over and not let others speak out. This is why we advise you to wear them alone or on different jewels that do not touch each other.

Thank you for reading this article. You will find on the Oussia shop , natural rose quartz from Madagascar raw, polished in free form, in heart but also in jewelry.

Feel free to share this article and add your comments, experiences.

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