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How to clean and recharge agate?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on October 17 2022

How to clean and recharge agate?

Like all minerals, agate loses its energy over time and the uses you make of it.
To prevent your stone from losing its benefits, you simply need to take the time to purify it and recharge it regularly .

The purification of agate

All varieties of agate can be cleansed, purified with water, salt, earth or incense. Then, you wipe your jewel with a soft, clean cloth so as not to scratch or tarnish the materials surrounding the stone.

The reloading of the agate

To recharge your agate, you can place it under the sun's rays for a few hours.
All varieties of agate can be exposed to the sun, except blue agate which prefers the softer light of the moon .
To optimize this recharging ritual, you can place it on a cluster of quartz or on a cluster of amethyst .
You can perform these cleansing and recharging rituals once a month or once a week, depending on how you feel and how often you wear your agate stone.
You will find on the store all the essential lithotherapy tools for the purification and recharging of your natural stones.

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