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The septaria in lithotherapy

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on September 25 2022

What does lithotherapy say about septaria?

This little-known natural stone is one of the most important for working in the protection of homes and workplaces.
The septaria is one of a kind, it has the properties of septaria and crystallized calcite.
In lithotherapy, the septaria is linked to the root chakra and the solar plexus.

Mental benefits of septaria

It is a stone of protection of the places , the dwellings and particularly the old residences. It will purify ancestral memories.
It is an anchor stone , it is connected to the earth and possesses ancient knowledge. It can help you remember your past lives to heal blockages in this life.
The septaria is a beneficial stone for release the wounds of the past .
It helps to move from “idea” to “action”.
It symbolizes patience and tolerance.

The physical benefits of septaria

Septaria is a stone that would strengthen bones, kidneys, muscles, but also teeth. It could also help fight nightmares and sleep disturbances when placed in a bedroom.
It recharges in vitality, brings confidence and self-confidence.
This very ancient stone of strength is associated with the earth element and to the solar and root chakras.
The septaria is associated with the astrological signs of Taurus and Sagittarius .
septarian stone

How to purify and recharge the septaria?

Like all natural stones, after a while the septaria will have given all its energy. It will therefore be necessary to think about purifying and recharging it to continue to benefit from its virtues.
You can purify it by placing it on coarse salt for several hours, but remember to insert a handkerchief between the salt and your stone. Purification is also done with incense or palo santo . Do not clean it with water, the stone could disintegrate.
Afterwards, you can recharge it in the sun or in natural light.
For small pieces, such as polished hearts, jewelry, pendants, you can place them on a quartz cluster , amethyst cluster or in a quartz geode.
You will also find septaria as septarian, septeyre, dragon stone or dragon stone.

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Lithotherapy is neither a science nor a medicine and can in no way replace medical advice and appropriate treatment. The information relayed on this site results from numerous testimonies and works dedicated to lithotherapy and not from validated scientific evidence.

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