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Crystals and creations

What are the stones that stimulate your creativity?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on April 12 2022

As human beings, we are naturally creative, because we have to create who and what we are every day.

Creativity comes under the sacral chakra, so working with sacral chakra stones, such as carnelian, can help rekindle your creativity. (ref - Karen Frazier Healing Crystals)

Two recommended stones to develop your creativity

- When looking for ideas, hold a carnelian and observe the ideas that come to you.

You can contemplate this idea for several days in a row, repeating this exercise. Gradually, you will observe that the means to implement it will emerge.

Continue to use carnelian in this manner as you develop your creation. This stone will help you both to find ideas and to bring them to life and materialize them.

Don't forget to soak your carnelian every evening in a container of clear water for a few hours.

Recommended size for your carnelian: 80 grams.

" Meditation : Holding a carnelian in your hand, sit quietly with your eyes closed, focusing your attention on your sacral chakra. As you inhale, imagine universal creativity entering your sacral chakra. As you exhale, imagine creativity leaving your sacral chakra and invade your whole body. While breathing, repeat the mantra ten times, or until you experience a feeling of peace." (Healing Crystals by Karen Frazier)

To amplify the creative process , you can associate your Carnelian with garnet, which is favorable for the amplification of vital energy and activates the capacity for materialization.
Wear the garnet on your person or display it near your desk or workplace . Do not hesitate to take it in hand as soon as you want.

carnelian braceletCarnelian necklace and eye of Saint Luciacarnelian

carnelian bracelet

- Labradorite can help you when you are faced with a situation that requires you to find original solutions to a problem.

Labradorite Stimulates Creative Thinking and can also help you make the right decisions.

You can use it by placing it under your pillow. As you go to bed, think about the problem you have to solve. Labradorite will bring you its beneficial influence and the next day the solution to your problem will probably emerge by itself.

Don't forget to purify it in a bowl of water after use.

Recommended sizes: 150 grams for a polished labradorite. 350/500 grams for a labradorite with a polished face.

polished labradorite

polished labradorite

Other stones are conducive to creativity like,

The golden topaz that strengthens the power of concentration and creativity. Wear one on you to develop your creativity in a harmonious way.

Ametrine is a natural combination of two crystals that induce creativity: amethyst and citrine. To rekindle your creativity, secure an ametrine under your desk chair. To receive inspiration while you sleep, put an ametrine under your pillow.

Iolite (cordierite), also called water sapphire, is a powerful stimulant of creativity and can help rekindle inspiration. Wear iolite jewelry or carry an iolite in your pocket when you need a little more inspiration.

IoliteIoliteIolite, the water sapphire

Iolite, also called Cordierite, the water sapphire

Tip : If you work in a creative field, put on your desk a bowl of beads made of creative crystal, such as ametrine or chalcedony.

You will find jewelry, bracelets, stones and minerals that will help you in your creative process according to the principles of lithotherapy on our store . We custom make your natural stone bracelets and personalization of all our jewelry is possible on request.

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