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Where to wear your stone jewelry according to lithotherapy?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on April 05 2022

The stones and crystals act on both our physical body and our energy body, and you can target the action you desire by wearing your stones in specific places. 

Natural stones to wear around the neck

The properties of the stones work on the physical plane to absorb the negative energies that prevent you from communicating . They will help you deal with your blockages by pushing you to let go . Since the throat chakra is related to the thyroid, wearing a stone there is favorable to personal and oral expression and to communication in general.

THE blue stones are particularly recommended to be worn close to the neck, such as: laspis lazuli, aquamarine, chrysocolla, blue chalcedony, blue topaz, sodalite, blue apatite, amazonite.
Pendant with Lapis-Lazuli from Afghanistan from oussia.comPendant with blue Amazonite at oussia.comPendant with Lapis Lazuli from Chile at

Stones to wear on the heart

The heart is a hollow muscular organ that provides blood circulation by pumping blood to blood vessels and body cavities through rhythmic contractions.

It is already possible to take care of your heart with simple gestures such as zero tobacco, practicing regular physical activity, eating a balanced diet, having good oral hygiene and finally managing your stress.

In addition to these actions, you can also use certain lithotherapy stones which can provide complementary and beneficial effects for your body.

To stimulate the heart chakra and strengthen vital functions , the immune system and circulation, to act on our emotions, our generosity and our creative abilities ; we will promote green stones.
green aventurine, chrysoprase, emerald, green opal, malachite.
Pendants with natural malachite from Congo at oussia.comPendants with natural green opals at
For the appeasement of the heart chakra, prefer pink stones such as: kunzite, morganite, rose quartz, rhodonite.
Pendants with natural rhodonite at oussia.comPendants with natural quartz at

Stones to put on the solar plexus

Lower, at the level of the solar chakra , we will favor yellow stones.
To unblock your plexus solar , you can wear stones with a strong vibratory power such as yellow agate, amber, ametrine (purple and golden), a tiger's eye, golden calcite or even imperial topaz.

By acting directly on our mood and our behavior in society, vitality, endurance, will and action are reinforced according to lithotherapy.
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