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What is the septaria stone?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on September 25 2022

A snail drawing

The surface of the stone forms a particular snail-like pattern. This snail drawing is an important element and allows experienced people to gather a lot of information about the current and past situation of the stone.


Its main deposits are found in England, Australia, Canada, the United States, Madagascar and Morocco, but it is also found in France.

Septaria is not yet recognized by the International Mineralogical Association or IMA.

Although specialists are the only ones who are able to identify it and know of its existence, today the septaria stone is increasingly appreciated.

A wonder of nature

Also called "stone of the dragon" , the septaria stone is composed of a mixture of calcite, sandstone, chalcedonies and other minerals.
Septaria comes from the Latin septarius, which means “ partitioned”, “partition”, “barrier”.
When we look at a septaria stone, we see different delimited spaces.
It is a stone that has gradually accumulated the history of several millennia and is therefore related to the origin of the world . This characteristic makes it possible to use this stone to be in tune with the world and to remember the accumulation of our various past lives, so it is used a lot for meditation.
Eggs in septaria

a nodule

The septaria is a nodule mainly composed of Calcite, aragonite and clay (CaCO3) . It was formed during the Cretaceous era 100 to 200 million years ago in marl or clay layers. There are inclusions of other minerals: quartz, dolomite, barite, pyrite, gypsum or ammonite for example.
To learn more about this prehistoric stone, linked to past lives in lithotherapy, I invite you to consult the other blog articles on septaria .
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