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Black tourmaline, a protective shield

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on March 31 2022

Tourmaline acts as a protective shield. All tourmalines are concerned but black tourmaline is particularly so.

The Complete Treatise on Precious Stones presents us around 1850 with this multi-coloured wonder of nature:

“Another very controversial stone, known only in France since 1758, long dissertations had been written on it at the learned Academy as early as 1717, even before a single one had been seen in France. Also, from the very beginning, it was not lacking in names… But, as everything ends up having its place in this world, it has become what it is: tourmaline. »

By the term tourmaline, we often mean “black tourmaline” (also called schörl ) but, as we will see here, tourmalines actually exhibit a multitude of colors and varieties .

black tourmalineTourmalinesgreen tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Tourmalines

Each is associated with specific virtues in lithotherapy…

Varieties and colors

Tourmaline rarely occurs in a uniform color (apart from black), it usually comes in a range of transparent shades.

The color can also vary completely along the length of the crystal, in cross section or concentrically. Nature then composes sumptuous creations: the green one with a red end called "turkish head"; the colorless with a black termination called "Moor's head". The most spectacular is certainly the pink or red tourmaline surrounded by green, which bears the pretty, refreshing and vitaminized name of “watermelon tourmaline”.

red tourmalineBlack tourmaline and crystalsWatermelon Tourmaline

Red Tourmaline Black Tourmaline Watermelon Tourmaline

Extraction locations

Tourmalines are present on all continents: in Africa (Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zaire, Zambia, Zimbabwe), in America (in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil, in California and in Maine in the United States), in Asia (Afghanistan, Burma, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), Oceania (Australia), Europe (Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Switzerland). In France, it is found in the Lyonnais, the Massif Central, the Massif des Maures, the Vosges, the Armorican Massif and the Pyrenees.

Transparent tourmalines are the most valued in jewelry such as elbaite from the Mount Mica mines in the state of Maine (United States) discovered in 1820 and renowned for its exceptional clarity.

elbaite tourmalineelbaite tourmalineElbaite Teal Tourmaline

elbaite tourmalines

Brazil has a specimen of watermelon tourmaline discovered in Barra de Salinas called "the cathedral". Its multicolored crystals in the shape of slender towers were for a time separated in two before being happily reunited.

Brazil Cathedral TourmalineBrazil Cathedral TourmalineBrazil Cathedral Tourmaline

Brazil Cathedral Tourmalines

In the same Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, an old disused mine has yielded a real treasure: a small room, a sort of crypt, filled with rubellite tourmaline crystals of an extraordinary fuchsia pink color exceeding 1 meter.

pink tourmalineFushia pink tourmaline

Brazilian pink tourmalines

Currently, the industry uses tourmaline in systems measuring pressure for deep soundings (pressure gauges) and in the nuclear sector (protective concretes).

Benefits and virtues of tourmalines in lithotherapy

The electrical qualities of tourmaline give it the role of a protective shield. All tourmalines are concerned but black tourmaline is particularly so. Surrounding static electricity and harmful radio waves from electrical appliances, computers, and cell phones are absorbed.

You can have them in several places in your house, near or on the devices emitting these waves (television, computer, etc.).

Properties and virtues of black tourmaline (schörl)

  • Fight against pollution and all bad influences
  • Shields and absorbs electromagnetic waves
  • Aids in the elimination of heavy materials from the body
  • Relieves anxiety and anxiety
  • Increases vitality and energy
  • Encourages a positive attitude

tourmaline schorl

tourmaline schorl

Properties and virtues of pink tourmaline (rubellite)

  • inspire peace
  • Removes negative emotions and panic attacks
  • Encourages growth
  • Relieves pre-menopause
  • Calm dizziness and vertigo
  • Promotes love and desire

rubellite tourmaline

rubellite tourmaline

    Properties and virtues of multicolored tourmaline (elbaite)

    • Promotes dreams
    • Stimulates the imagination and the creative process
    • Encourages all relationships
    • Protects the immune system and metabolism

    Tourmaline balances all the chakras but the chakra more particularly associated will depend on its color. Thus black is associated with the root chakra, red with the sacral chakra, yellow with the solar plexus chakra, pink and watermelon tourmaline with the heart chakra, blue with the 3rd eye chakra and transparent and colorless tourmaline with the crown chakra.

    Purification and Recharging

    Tourmalines should be cleaned and purified frequently. Place them under running tap water or in a glass or earthenware container filled with distilled or salt water. They are simply recharged by the rays of the sun (without excess) or the moon, or even on a cluster of quartz.

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