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What about Lithotherapy today? Believe in it too much? Wrongly skeptical?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on February 14 2023

Lithotherapy is a medicine (new age) soft by stones, which in no way replaces traditional medicine and cannot cure with a magic pearl! ...

Lithotherapy, today?

In all lithotherapy works as well as on all sites dealing with the subject, one can read properties associated with stones, some of which are aimed at improving our physical condition, our state of health.

More and more controversies are erupting around this theme, some users of stones wrongly considering these properties as comparable to those of a drug, skeptics considering the whole thing as a vast scam undermining public health...

GOLD It is said almost everywhere that the stones should in no case replace treatments based on conventional drugs.

Believe in lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is an access key to our inner temple.

Natural stones allow us both to know ourselves better and to move forward with new ease towards the desired transformations.

While the literature abounds with stone dictionaries describing their many physical and psycho-emotional properties, there are few books that really introduce the reader to the practical applications of lithotherapy.

However, we can not limit this discipline to the description of its tools as the subtlety of its influence can be enriched by a good use of stones.

You can let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of natural stones and the softness of their benefits, but when it comes to an important problem, get help from a psychotherapist at the same time. For all your health problems, continue to follow your treatment and the advice of your doctor.

From the acquisition to the choice of the most relevant use to solve a problem, through the understanding of the phenomena involved and what they can bring you, lithotherapy coupled with psychology can be of help to you. great help in your life path.

And that's exactly what I offer you, with a degree in psychology, endowed with great intuition, knowing phytotherapy (alternative medicine using plants) and stones... I put my various skills at your service. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information and find me on my online store .

wonderfully yours

Ousia stones

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