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Who are we ?

Oussia is a French company, created with the aim of sharing the beauty of the natural world and offering you pure wonders of nature.

  • Our jewels are made in a workshop in France, polishing, drilling, assembly and French creation.
  • Our minerals, stones and crystals are natural, high quality, ethically sourced, from small, eco-responsible mines around the world.
  • Our wellness products are all natural, organic.
  • Our lithotherapy and interior or exterior decoration products are all handcrafted and always from ethical, eco-responsible companies.
  • All our creations can be personalized.
  • Our natural pearl bracelets can be ordered custom-made and offer you all the benefits of lithotherapy, the metaphysical healing power of stones, the energy of Mother Nature.
  • We offer you personalized advice in well-being, phytotherapy (medicine by plants), lithotherapy (the power of crystals) and can take care of you for well-being therapies, psychotherapy, analyses, art therapy (creating and open up), brief holistic treatments, because we know from our experience that it is not necessary to do 20 years of Freudian analysis, to stuff yourself with chemical drugs often with side effects to get better!

Take advantage of every moment, take advantage of the moments of happiness that life offers you, live the present moment, marvel at contact with nature, surround yourself with softness, look, observe the natural world, the animal world around you...

Become aware of the Beautiful, Open yourself up, Offer the wonders of Nature!

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