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Large blue labradorite stone 1kg496g



This sublime large natural blue labradorite stone comes from Madagascar.

It weighs 1kg 496g, measures 14cm high, 11cm wide and is approximately 5cm thick.
Untreated labradorite stone hand polished rock cut

Dominantly blue, she will work on your throat chakra, golden to open channels to the higher realms of the archangels.
In lithotherapy, labradorite is the stone of protection to be placed at the entrance of your house or your consulting room. It is said to absorb the negative, acting as a shield.

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Its unique reflections will remind you of the beauty of the Northern Lights. In the myths of some of the Eskimo tribes, labradorite is believed to have fallen from the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). The Northern Lights were once trapped in rocks along the Labrador coast. One day, one of the ancestors hit a rock with his spear. The rock broke and many lights were released, flying up into the sky - But some of the lights remained trapped in the stone. These stones were linked to ancient magical practices by many in this region.

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