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Magnificent Abalone, large abalone from Mexico, Haliotis Fulgens


Petite abalone du Mexique
Grande abalone du Mexique


A magnificent abalone, also called abalone from Mexico.

The interior mother-of-pearl is of rare beauty, it is a category of haliotis.

Beautiful natural abalone shells from Mexico (Haliotis Fulgens), each piece is unique and varies in size and colors.

The Rainbow Abalone (abalone shell) from Mexico, or Haliotis Fulgens has beautiful colors, mostly blue and green.

The shell measures approximately 15cm.

Abalone shells are wonderful to use for home and altar decoration. They also make excellent offering bowls, soap dishes, and ashtrays for incense packets.

Suitable for burning incense, such as white sage bunches and smudges. Fumigation is an ancient Native American practice, in which bundles of fragrant herbs and/or woods, such as white sage and palo santo, are bound together within the abalone shell. This, as part of a ritual ceremony or to energetically cleanse a house or other space. The natural holes in the hull ensure the air supply.

Noticed: This is a natural product, variations in size and color are normal, as well as "imperfections" around the edges and surface.

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