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It is undoubtedly the most important crystal of all lithotherapy, as its properties are important. Rock crystal, also called quartz, has healing, harmonizing and amplifying powers that have been used since ancient times.

These crystals bring light and life into your home!

The sunlight will be broken by the many surfaces, in the colors of the rainbow, projected and dancing throughout the room.

If you want to install the house according to Feng Shui, these crystals are a must have. Even the most difficult corners can be 'rocked' by hanging a few of these crystals.

The more facets the crystal has, the more energy it will energize.

  • Large AAA quality multicolored rainbow crystal, mirror background, 5cm sphere, weight 95g
  • Crystal icicle 1.6cm x 7.6cm, weight 17g
  • AAA pyramid cone crystal, 4.2cm x 5.3cm
  • Crystal drop of 5 x 7cm,
  • Small faceted sphere crystal, 2 cm

Try its crystals, let your imagination run wild or ask us for a personalized creation. You will find models on the "custom crystal suspension" sheet and let yourself be enchanted by the changing colors!

Warning: The sun plays with the crystal, it can have a magnifying effect. The crystals placed due south are to be watched. The material of the crystal must absolutely be glass. Plastic has no effect.

Here are the benefits of crystal hanging in Feng Shui and tips for where to hang your crystal:

Crystals play an important role in establishing harmony, a sense of peace and serenity.

The crystal stimulates the stagnant energy that is found in the corners of a room. In a room with little or no opening, it sets the energy in motion. You can hang your crystal in angles, dark corners, small rooms, storage rooms.

The crystal slows down too fast energy (Shar Qi), created by a corridor, a staircase or a door / window arrangement. You can thus hang your crystal in front of a window (suspended on the curtain rod). The crystal brakes outgoing energy and captures incoming light.

The crystal attracts positive energy inside a space and cleanses the energy by creating an auspicious energy flow. The light (energy) attracted by the crystal will be refracted and distributed throughout the space.

Finally, the crystal controls negative energies (stress, mental fatigue, nervousness, weariness, etc.).

The size of the crystal must be adapted to the area of ​​the room.

Choose from our variants, the crystal you want to improve the Feng shui in your home or workplace.

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