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Raw rock crystal and bi-terminated crystal (lithotherapy treatments)




The name "rock crystal" refers to hyaline quartz , a transparent and colorless quartz. Its transparency is such that in ancient times it was believed that this mineral was an eternal piece of ice.
These natural raw crystals are gifts from the Earth.
When we call a "bi-terminated" rock crystal, we mean a rock crystal with two terminations, two points, on each side of the crystal, particularly suitable for lithotherapy treatments.

In lithotherapy* : Rock crystal is a powerful stone. It stimulates clear thinking and perception. It harmonizes all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies. Rock crystal releases and regulates energy. It helps balance the Earth-Sky energies, harmonizes the energies of the meridians, expels negative energies. It is used for remote healing.

You can place groups of rock crystals in different corners of your living space.

Characteristics of this rock crystal : each piece of double-ended rock crystal is approximately 4cm long and comes from China.
The pieces of raw rock crystal are sold in batches of 100g and come from Brazil.

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