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Through our lithotherapy sheets, you will learn the virtues of each of the minerals, how to use them according to the chakras, the main benefits that these natural stones can have on your health, your sentimental life, your mind and your spirituality, how to purify them and recharge them.

  • Lithotherapy sheets*, which we send you directly to your email address, download and print by yourself or by mail,
  • to compose your personalized, tailor-made lexicon, in the easiest way for you... because we are all different,
  • to learn to recognize, to choose your minerals, your stones, to better know which ones to use if you practice lithotherapy care,
  • Downloadable digital file in PDF format that can be printed by you. You will not receive physical sheets, it is up to you to print the sheet after downloading.

The complete pack includes 50 cards.

To find out more about lithotherapy, what is it, how does it work?

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* Lithotherapy does not replace your doctor, your treatment if you have a health concern, but can come as a palliative to relieve you.

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