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Eye of Saint Lucia pendant




This mineralized eye of Saint Lucia pendant is of very good quality from Madagascar. This pendant is a unique piece, entirely handmade. Eye of Saint Lucia 100% natural. The pendant will be delivered in a beautiful pouch, ready to offer. Contractual photos.

    Eye of Saint Lucia is also called Eye of Venus, Eye of Virgo and Eye of Shiva in India. It's the same lucky shell. It is linked to the legend of Saint Lucia.

    In lithotherapy : Removes the evil eye, the bad vibes.
    - Brings luck and happiness.
    - Promotes prosperity.
    - Gives self-confidence.
    - Allows you to discover the near future from a good angle.
    - Grants many wishes.
    - Provides protection.
    - Considered a guardian angel.

    The eye of Saint Lucia is suitable for all zodiacs. It acts on the sacral chakra and on the third eye.

    This eye of Saint Lucia measures approximately 3cm with its 45cm or 55cm silver steel link chain, stainless steel bail, silver color.
    Being a natural stone, each pendant is unique.

    To know everything about this pretty operculum, you can read the article on the eye of Saint Lucia.

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