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Pink tourmaline pendant, rubellite



This pink tourmaline pendant is a natural stone from Madagascar, also known as rubellite.

According to an ancient Egyptian legend, tourmalines are stones that emerged from the center of the Earth on a long journey that took them across a rainbow. This story would explain the fact that the tourmaline family is one of those with the most colors and varieties.

In lithotherapy* : Pink tourmaline is a stone of love, of inner peace.

Wearing pink tourmaline throughout the day is said to help release stress, worries, depression and anxiety. It would promote and harmonize the feminine aspect in both sexes. It is recommended for people who have difficulty building relationships.

Characteristics of this pink tourmaline pendant : the stone measures 3cm

- bail and 45cm chain in 925 silver

- steel bail and black leather cord of 45cm

You will receive your pretty pink tourmaline pendant in its protective pouch.

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