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Energizing tray orgonite black obsidian engraved metatron




This energizing tray in black obsidian orgonite engraved with the metatron symbol measures 8 x 8 x 1 cm and weighs 200 g of EXTRA Quality.

In lithotherapy : Obsidian is a protective stone that contains powerful energies. It absorbs the harmful effects of stress and soothes the mind. This stone accompanies you in the difficulties of life.
Its black color refers to stability and balance. Obsidian is linked to the root chakra which allows grounding and helps to feel safe.

What does the symbol of Metatron mean?
Metatron's Cube is one of the most powerful symbols in sacred geometry. It takes its name from the Archangel Metatron who is known to be one of the divine guides who contributed to the creation of the universe. It is a symbol that offers a high vibratory rate. It is known to harmonize and rebalance energies bringing peace and calm. This symbol contributes to spiritual awakening and allows better concentration during meditation or introspection.

The orgonite tray with the Metatron energy symbol offers several functions :
It purifies your environment,
It blocks negative energies and electromagnetic waves,
It allows you to recharge your stones, jewelry, clocks, cards etc.
It rebalances the energies,
and intensifies meditation.

In addition, the use of an energizing tray has many advantages for your body and your well-being. Energized drinks improve your vitality and prevent fatigue. They hydrate the body, while promoting the quality of sleep.

Your stones can also be cleaned with an energizing tray. You will no longer be forced to wait for the full moon to purify and recharge them.

The Metatron cube is engraved directly on the resin and filled with a golden hue, the tray contains fine Obsidian crystals and fine golden leaves. The shape of the crystals, the color, the size and the quantity may vary from one model to another.

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