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Solomon's seal pendant in crystal and silver on order

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Sacred stone, light, purity and harmony, it is the symbol of the pendant "the seal of Solomon".

A 3.5cm extra transparent quality crystal mounted on a silver bail

Specify when ordering if you prefer a black cord or a chain.

In lithotherapy : the crystal propagates pure and powerful energy. It brings energy, clarity of mind and rids its wearer of negative energies and unease. This stone develops inner strength and purifies the mind. It is the most sacred, most powerful stone.

Solomon's seal is the plane form of the Merkabah
This six-pointed star consists of two triangles. It is the number of love and harmony, it is considered by the Pythagoreans and Saint Augustine as perfect.

The pendants are 100% natural stone, shades and reflections may vary depending on the pendants.

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