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Selenite for massage in the shape of a stick, pencil, mushroom




The name Selenite comes from the Latin Selenitis which means “moonstone” because it is said to see the brightness of the moon there. Selenite, for its beneficial properties, is often used as a massage stone, to untie, relieve painful areas.

In lithotherapy *: Selenite is a stone with very fine vibrations that brings serenity and well-being .

  • n°1 - the natural selenite stick , rounded at the ends , 15cm long, to massage painful points
  • n°2 - the stick in natural selenite PENCIL TIP to act as in acupuncture on a very precise point
  • n°3 - the natural selenite mushroom for a good grip

      Selenite being a natural stone, the color and size may naturally vary slightly. The selenite that we offer comes from Morocco.
      * This information is not scientifically proven, it is based on the experience of therapists and users. Lithotherapy does not replace medicine or any medical treatment. If in doubt about your health, consult a doctor.

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