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The virtues of celestite in lithotherapy, what are the benefits of Celestine?

Bérangère Maniglier

Posted on February 01 2023

The virtues of celestite in lithotherapy are essentially relaxing. A stone of softness in lithotherapy, celestite is particularly beneficial for children or vulnerable people. She provides calm, peace and inner harmony.

Celestial throughout history

There celestite is a stone that is the subject of several symbols and traditions. Since antiquity, celestine stone has been known to have strange properties. It has become very popular with alchemists and even magicians. Some civilizations lend it a meaning of unification of matter. The Greeks associate it with divine power, regeneration, wisdom and prudence. In the tarot, it represents the stone of judgement. Other legends would have it from the song of the angels or associated with the Pleiades.

The Romans knew Celestine under the name of Aqua-Aura , a name that is today given to a stone that is artificially made.

Widely distributed in the Mediterranean region and throughout the world, crystal is then used in all its forms: in its raw or solid state, in the form of an essence, an elixir, or even reduced to a powder state.

Today, in France in particular, the Célestine which is also called " stone of the Angels " is recognized for its many virtues, in particular by bringing peace and relaxation.

Celestine stone is widely used in lithotherapy.

What are the virtues of celestite, Célestine on the psychological level?

Celestite or celestite is a soft stone that is perfect for children and fragile people. Its first quality is to bring calm and comfort. This pretty natural stone gives children a sense of security. It brings a lot of calm. It leads to freeing oneself from one's oppressions or even from one's constraints.

Celestine helps to build self-confidence. She also improves communication , annihilates stage fright or other fears when speaking in public.

It's a natural stone conducive to relationships , whether friendly, romantic or professional. It makes it possible to avoid conflicts and reinforces feelings of love and benevolence towards oneself and others. It allows you to be more available for yourself and others.

Celestine also acts on the mind and creativity . It is thus linked to the arts and to clairvoyance. It promotes the imagination and expression through artistic creation. Thanks to this stone widely used in meditation, access to spiritual awareness and a feeling of peace becomes easier. It is one of the most useful stones for finding a sense of union with the universe. Celestine also promotes clairvoyance which allows you to rid your mind of the weights that encumber it, which prevent self-fulfillment.

Finally, the celestine stone helps align the chakras. If placed on the third eye corresponding to the sixth chakra, it puts the universal energies in contact with the divine forces, thus creating inner peace.

What are the virtues of celestite, celestite on the physical level?

Celestite has relaxing properties. Thus, it can help soothe tension and physical pain in general. It acts more particularly on back pain, migraines. In addition, by its action on the lungs but also on the rib cage, the celestite stone soothes anxieties.

Thanks to its energetic power, the celestine stone helps to treat hearing problems or eye problems. Thus, it improves vision. It also has a virtue to help the thyroid.

Having virtues to help the proper functioning of the lungs. It allows better breathing.

Celestine is then a very effective stone to align the chakras, to rebalance them. Attached to the throat chakra which corresponds to the fifth chakra, it accelerates the regeneration of tissues after an operation of the tonsils for example.

Celestine therefore has many virtues on the psychological level, on the spiritual level but also on the physical level. It helps to improve well-being, to find serenity, calm thanks to its relaxing and calming power.

Celestine raw crystals are found in different forms. The larger ones can easily be placed in a room of the house to diffuse their soothing vibrations. It can be, for example, an office, a bedroom, or even a therapeutic treatment room.

A celestine geode by its beauty is a collector's item.

celestine geodeCelestial Geode

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See you soon for other wonders of nature...

wonderfully yours

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